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Fewer administrative headaches, better engaged patients, and a practice that won’t fall apart the minute you go on vacation. Really.

Secure New Patients

Impress Existing Patients

Win Back Past Patients

It takes more than quality patient care to build a thriving practice

What our customers are saying

Dr. Chase Dyess

“If you want to spread the word about your office, Zingit is the way to go. In the last two weeks alone, I’ve gotten over 20 reviews.

Dr. Brandy Chapman

After only 1-2 weeks, I saw a 25% improvement in show rates and patient retention. I wouldn’t do business without Zingit.”

Dr. Matt Paterna

“Zingit is one of the best things we’ve ever implemented. Our show rate is up over 90%, and our over return on investment is incredible.

Grow your practice quickly and easily with Zingit

Our  customizable web-based platform integrates seamlessly with your EHR and works around the clock 
to get more patients into your practice–and keep them coming back.

Attract + Secure New Patients

Secure more referrals by boosting your online ranking and reputation through auto-requested patient reviews and our easy-to-use webchat feature on your website.

Retain + Reactivate More Patients

Our secure, online patient portal makes communicating seamless and convenient, from any location on any device.

Automate Your Patient Engagement

All the productivity of a full-time staff, without the headache of manual tasks and processes–or the cost of payroll. 

Reach More Patients in Less Time

An exceptional patient experience from onboarding  to ongoing care increases patient satisfaction and retention. 

Over 5,000 Chiropractors have successfully grown their practice with Zingit

Dr. Jeff Danielson

Dr. Susan Cosgrove

Dr. Elena Vince

Dr. Jennifer Rozenhart

Dr. Mike Reid

Dr. Erich Breitenmoser

Dr. Ken Gilman

Dr. Michael Ganschow

Dr. Richard Bucco

You’ve got enough to do

We get it. It’s hard to manage the day-to-day demands of your practice and grow at the same time. Besides, any time and effort spent bringing in new patients is completely wasted if your practice is a revolving door. For over 10 years, Zingit has helped thousands of chiropractors build the practice of their dreams, without sacrificing the sanity of their front desk staff, patient experience, or that well-earned vacation.

We know you’re busy. Getting started is easy.

Grow your practice quickly and easily with Zingit


Quickly Capture Reviews to attract more customers

On average, our clients acquire 23 new reviews in the first month..


Get Automated Appointment Reminders

Keep a full calendar and maximize show rates as high as 95%


Lower your staff’s administrative burden

Free up your front desk to focus on what matters the most…your patients.


Easily communicate with patients

Reach one or all of your patients real-time quickly and efficiently with 2-way texting

Integrate with your EHR

Zingit integrates with more than 150 EHRs and leverages patient data within your EHR to programmatically communicate 
with your patients, so there’s no need for duplicate data entry.

How much money are you leaving on the table?

If you’re not using a practice-growth solution like Zingit , the answer is, probably a lot. Why? The problem is, patient communication takes too much time, effort, and leads to far too many unanswered phone calls. You’ve got patients to reach, and spoiler alert: No one answers the phone anymore. Even email isn’t as effective as it used to be. Zingit’s real-time, text-based communication makes appointment reminders and patient reactivations quick and easy.

How are those patient reviews coming? These days, nothing is more important for building a practice than reviews, and, unfortunately, even long-standing, happy patients aren’t going to go out of their way to write one. With Zingit, they don’t have to. Auto-requested patient reviews make the entire process simple and painless for everyone and, more importantly, get new patients in the door.

3 tips to getting more new patients online - thumbnail (768 × 768 px)

3 Tips to Getting More Patients Online

Getting new patients doesn’t have to be difficult. Get a leg up on your local competition with this whitepaper, which will fast track your understanding of what is important when new patients are searching a chiropractor.

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"If you aren’t using Zingit, you are losing appointments and patients. The ROI is incredible!"
Dr. Matt Paterna
Owner | Shoreline Chiropractic