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We help solve your everyday patient communication issues.

Have you noticed, people just don’t answer their phones anymore?

Zingit Solutions Platform

The Zingit Solutions platform is a web based solution to help you establish and maintain loyal, satisfied patients. Optimize the efficiency of your practice by allowing your staff to focus on more important things like the patients that are already in your office.

Real Time Two Way Text Conversations


Appointment Reminders

Reschedule Missed Appointments

Future Appointment Reminders

Mobile Birthday Club

Patient Reactivations

Post Appointment Surveys

Social Media Integration

Online Reviews

Not all text messaging solutions are created equal. Learn about the industry-leading mobile marketing platform in just minutes.

Know The Facts

Patients Have Mobile Phones

91% of U.S. adults have a cell phone.

Text Everyday

73% of patients text every day.

Texts Are Read

94% of text messages are read.


Text messages are read within 4 minutes of delivery.

What Customers Are Saying

Dr. Brandon Buesgens
There is not a more simple way to communicate to my patients than Zingit. They are more committed the easier it is to keep them on track! It is too easy not to keep them plugged in with Zingit.
Dr. Brandon Buesgens
TJ Osborne
Number 1, I just love Zingit. WHY? Because I know absolutely nothing about Zingit. My TEAM runs Zingit. They use it to communicate with our patients. What’s nice is that they’re able to be off the phone so they can actually be present with the patients in our office. Zingit-Thank you for letting us be more on purpose every day.
TJ Osborne
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