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Zingit is a robust text-based patient messaging platform that automates getting patients into your practice, gives them a good experience, and keeps them coming back for more. As text-industry pioneers, Zingit offers 100+ practice management and scheduling tools so you can communicate with patients on a whole new level and grow your practice.

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Zingit Software Delivering Practice Growth

Your Practice Communications, Reinvented

Zingit’s software offers doctors multiple practice growth tools

As text-industry pioneers, we can help you reinvent your communication to be text-based—reaching people where they want to be reached. Zingit’s platform will help you attract new patients, engage existing patients, save your staff time, and ultimately grow your practice with automated, effective communication. Zingit integrates with your existing software, allowing you to seamlessly reach and hear back from patients on a whole new level. Read below to learn how it works, or give us a call.  We can’t wait to help you enhance and grow your practice. – Steve Weber, Founder and Chief Driver of Progress
Online Practice Listings

Attract and Convert More New Patients

Your online reputation matters. In today’s world, patients rely on review sites to find practices. With our online review management tools, Zingit can help you establish your own stellar 5-star reputation, attracting more new patients than ever before. In fact, the average Zingit client gets 23 reviews in their first month. We’ll automate review requests at the right moment and help you push those excellent reviews out for more people to see. And our super-sticky web conversion toolkit can help you secure appointments from these potential patients. 

Online Practice Listings

“I got over 20 reviews in the  2 weeks! People call all the time from Google, Facebook, and Yelp wanting service because they see our reviews.  If you want to spread the word about what you’re doing in your office, Zingit’s the way to go.”

Dr. Chase Dyess – Trinity Chiropractic

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Zingit Review

“After starting Zingit Pro with automated recall & reputation, we had our biggest week in a long time… patients that hadn’t been in for 3-4 months came in very excited thanked me for texting them.

Dr. Elena Vince – Montecito Chiropractic Center

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Engage Existing Patients to Boost Revenue and Keep Them Happy

Your existing patients are your best customers—and they want communication with you to be easy and clear. That means you need to reach patients where they want to hear from you most—via text. Zingit can help you engage and drive patient behavior with excellent text communication. Boost show rates, enhance pre-care communication, double recall rates, and efficiently deliver mass communications and run special events. Communication has never been easier or more effective. What are you waiting for? Learn how Zingit enhances millions of patient encounters.

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Optimize Your Practice’s Efficiency

Your staff’s time is a valuable resource—with ZingIt, you and your staff will save time communicating so you can focus on providing excellent care. When your practice uses Zingit, patients receive automated and customizable text campaigns that save an average of 15 hours per month of staff time. At the same time, this streamlined communication plan will drive measurable results, with excellent filtered appointment reminders, online scheduling or rescheduling tools, and automated dormant patient reactivation. With one tool, you can communicate effectively with your patients, free up your staff, and increase your bottom line.

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“Zingit’s one of the best things we’ve implemented in our office!  Since we started we’ve increased show rates from 78% to over 90%.  We highly recommend Zingit, we love their customer service.”

Dr. Matt Paterna – Shoreline Family Chiropractic

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“After 2 weeks, we saw a 20-25 % increase in show rates. Our people really liked getting our text messages. I’ve used other popular built-in solutions for 4 years, but they’re no comparison to Zingit. I wouldn’t do business without it.”

Dr. Brandy Champman – Carolina Spine & Health

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Easily Integrate and Optimize Existing Software

Boasting 150+ integrations, Zingit easily connects to your PMS data and make SMART decisions when sending communications. Staff can easily customize and tailor campaigns to be driven based on your PMS data. This means all of your PMS data, social sites, reviews, your website, and ad campaigns can be coordinated to work together. This results in effective appointment reminders with filters by appointment type, easy review tracking and sharing, new patient conversion plans, and more. And it’s all built on best practices, customizable, and heavily automated! It’s time to make your PMS work for you.

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