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3 Tips to Getting More New Patients Online

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Three tips to getting more patients online

Attract New Patients

The Zingit Solutions make attracting new patients easier and less time consuming for you and your office. Managing and growing your online reputation is one of the best ways to attract new patients. 84% of patients used online reviews when evaluating providers and 94% said they would be at least “moderately likely” to choose one doctor over another based on positive reviews.

Now, more than ever, it’s critical that you grow your review volume and build a strong online reputation. Our technology lets you segment positive vs. negative feedback to pre-empt negative reviews. Our customized text campaigns help you increase your review volume.

Convert And Retain Your Patients With Our Latest Technology And Client Success Team

Convert & Retain Patients

You’ve got someone’s attention…now what? You are in a competitive market and patients have options when searching for care. You need to convert website or office visitors into patients. Once that’s done, you need to retain them and at times reactivate them.

Our solutions reduce no-shows, improve content delivery, automate reactivation of patients and more. The combination of our technology and Client Success team helps you convert and retain patients like never before.

Improve The Patient Experience With Our Automation Tools And Grow Your Business

Improve the Patient Experience

Our customers know that genuine patient engagement and intelligent automation are keys to improving the patient experience. Positive patient experiences combined with scalable technologies will help you deliver quality care and improve your business.

Some of our automated solutions include; appointment reminders, missed appointment notifications and rescheduling, recall and reactivation, content delivery, surveys and reputation management. These tools will help ensure that the Patient’s digital experience with you and your team is on-par with the experience they’ll have when in your office.

Improve The Patient Experience With Our Automation Tools And Grow Your Business

Partners & Customers

What Customers Are Saying

The texting technology from Zingit has made an extremely positive impact on my bottom line. My No-Show % has dropped to almost ZERO and the recall system has a great return rate because everyone responds to a text! It's an invaluable tool in my practice management arsenal and integrates seamlessly with my EMR.

Dr. Dawn Kaplan

Zingit revolutionizes the way you communicate with patients. It is the best time saving tool for your office - I highly recommend it!

Dr. Jay Greenstein

We love that ZingIt integrates so seamlessly and accurately with our software. It makes connecting with our patients, sending out reminders and birthday messages a BREEZE! The ability to easily create lists with patients coming to our events has been a game changer! We now can confirm, send information and keep them updated on the event all while having a real time conversation with them, especially in today's ‘go go go’ mindset.

Dr. Schofield

We love Zingit! It has saved us time on calling patients about missed appointments, monthly birthday cards, and any changes on the office schedule. We have seen a great difference in patients remembering their appointments and it's easy for patients to respond back to us.

Dr. Tim Young& The Team at Young Chiropractic

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