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Delight Your Patients by Texting with Your Practice Phone Number

Delight Your Patients by Text-Enabling Your Practice Phone Number

In our increasingly digital age, staying up to date on the latest practices in your healthcare practice — like using text messages to improve the quality of your patient communication — help you improve the overall patient experience. Delight your patients by having the latest communication tools enabled for your office and wow them with that special touch of personalized care. 

Here at Zingit, we offer practices the ability to send two-way text communications from their desktop, and the text message comes from the practice’s phone number. If your patients opt-in for text message communication, you can also encourage them to save your office number under their contacts, so they always know who is calling and texting them.

Benefits of Two-Way Text Messaging

Many services offer patient texting, but not all of them are created equal. With Zingit, not only can you text from your practice’s phone number, but you can also engage in two-way messaging with your patients, giving them answers to their questions in real-time.

Texts can also be a powerful tool for getting more online reviews when patients visit your office. With Zingit, you can automatically send out review requests immediately after the appointment while the visit is still fresh in their mind. As you know, reviews are an important part of growing your private practice as well as keeping your customers feeling heard and happy. 

Concerned about your staff unintentionally sharing PHI in text messages? Here are our tips for staying HIPAA compliant when texting patients.

It’s the Little Things That Count 

For independent and new practices, it is these little touches of care and modern technology that will set your office apart from the rest and create patient loyalty. 

These days, customers and clients want to feel like they are genuinely cared for by the companies they support. This means creating methods of personalization and staying up to date on modern communication practices like texting. 

You’d be surprised at how far this will take you! When you communicate with your patients by their preferred method, it shows them you consider their needs and lifestyle.

If you take amazing care of your patients and add in those “little touches,” you will start to see your referral business increase. Word-of-mouth business is one of the best ways to gain loyal, long-term patients.  

how to text patients with your practice phone number


Automation = Time Saving 

Zingit is a patient engagement/communication platform that automates many of the routine (and time-consuming) tasks that practices have to do every day — calling patients to remind them about appointments, scheduling patients, following up after appointments, etc.

When you’re able to automate these simple tasks, you save over 15 staff hours per week! Zingit is a powerful tool that allows you to set automatic responses while you’re out of office and increases patient satisfaction. 

Start Sending Text Messages to Your Patients Today!

Did we mention that when automating your client portal with Zingit, your messages come through from your office phone number? That way, the message will be sent from a number your clients can recognize and save into their contacts. 

Creating this easy-to-respond and instant method of communication with your patients increases satisfaction and saves time (which saves money!). For more information on how Zingit works and how we can text-enable your practice, schedule a 15-minute demo.

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