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It’s time to offer your patients exceptional text-first communication and grow your practice!


It’s time to offer your patients exceptional text-first communication and grow your practice!

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Grow Faster, Increase Revenue

Become a new patient magnet, attracting new patients 24/7 with a polished online reputation, dominant local search position, and Zingit's web conversion tool kit.

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Maximize Google Conversion

Secure more referrals and schedule more new patients with a 5 STAR reputation and Zingit's conversion optimization tools, complete with pre-appointment videos.

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Automate Patient Engagement

Communicate with patients where they want to be reached—via text. Zingit’s automated platform lets you have 2-way conversations and end the game of voicemail phone tag.

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Deliver 5 Star Service

Experience the difference as your staff delivers better service in less time. Your team can actually look up, engage patients and build lasting relationships.

Zingit Inbox

Unify your communications as all your business text messages come into your Zingit Inbox. Use a web browser, Android, or IOS Apps to have 2-way text conversations with patients—using your business landline phone number.

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Reviews & Local SEO

Massively increase your reviews and position your business as the premier provider in Google search results.  Generate reviews, manage your reputation and acquire new patients through local SEO.  

  • Generate 10x as many patient reviews
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Clean up business directory listings and citations
  • Google, Facebook, Apple Maps & more
  • Respond to and stream positive reviews


On every website page, offer web visitors a webchat that launches a text conversation. Then quickly respond to questions, easily engaging visitors and converting them into care.

  • Engage website visitors faster
  • Book more appointments
  • Offer patients the ability to quickly book or reschedule
  • Auto-responders available for after hours
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Broadcast Messaging & Group Texting

Engage your audience faster with broadcast group texts, simplifying staff workloads. Quickly send announcements to all your patients about new services, new products, offers, and special circumstances like a change in hours. 

  • Reach ALL your patients at once
  • Simplify staff workloads
  • Use your practice phone number
  • Unlimited audiences
  • Completely customizable content

SMART Campaigns

Put growth on auto-pilot by using Zingit’s A.I. enhanced campaigns, rapidly increasing patient engagement and practice growth. Automatically send advanced appointment reminders, patient recalls, pre-appointment content campaigns, video birthday club messages, and patient education messages.

  • 100% customizable
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Proven to drive patient response and activity
  • Perfect for events, recall, reactivation, education & more
  • Video content delivery
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Online Scheduling

Embed online scheduling on your website, saving your staff the time of taking phone appointments and allowing your practice to see more patients. This feature is simple, customizable, and on 24/7—keeping your schedule full.

  • Book appointments 24/7
  • Easily embeds on your website
  • Customizable to match your practice

Improve Show Rates and Reschedule

Greatly increase your show rates with excellent pre-appointment communication, including appointment reminders customizable to the type of appointment and pre-appointment videos and communication. Allow easy reschedules for when life interferes, improving patient satisfaction and keeping your schedule full. 

  • Online scheduling that keeps your schedule full
  • 2-way texting to respond to questions or last minute changes
  • Appointment reminders filtered by appointment type
  • Pre-appointment videos & education
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Integrated & Automated

With 150+ integrations and counting, Zingit safely leverages your data to programmatically communicate with your patients.  Delegate your communications once and reap the benefits of our SMART campaign technology all year long.  

  • Integrated & non-integrated options available
  • 24 hour cloud sync guard
  • Save 15+ staff hours a month
  • Ask us about universal messaging!
Doctor Ken Gilman

“Our recalls are going through the roof and the staff is having a ball connecting with patients.”

-Dr. Ken Gilman, Clarksville Chiropractic