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Patient Reactivation with texting by Zingit

Patient Reactivation Made Easy – Reactivate Patients on Auto Pilot

When it comes to patient reactivation and filling your practice’s schedule, your best leads are patients you already have. But life happens! Patients get busy, miss appointments, and then abandon coming back to your practice altogether. And especially during these times, with stay at home orders in place and recent practice shut downs, many previously active patients may have gone dormant. As things start to open up, win those patients back! It’s time to reactivate patients, but what is the best way to do it? 

The answer? A simple text: “It’s been a while…how are you?”

But surely you don’t have time to: 

  • Go back through your calendar to see which patients have gone dormant
  • Send a text message to every single one

Not to mention the possibility that your practice may not be text enabled in the first place…

Zingit’s automated text messaging platform makes reactivations easy. When clients start with Zingit, the program mines your PMS data to find patients who have been inactive for a specified amount of time. One Zingit customer, Dr. Cory, started his Chiropractic practice with Zingit in March 2020. The first Monday that Zingit was active, the program texted all patients who were inactive for 6 months or longer. For his practice, this was around 500 patients. Of those patients, around 20 percent—100 previous patients—responded back to the texts. And just like that, the patients were reengaged! He and a staff member then easily had text conversations with those patients, and that day 12 of those patients had scheduled appointments. 

Below are a few reasons Zingit’s automated text messaging platform is the best way to reactivate patients and fill up your schedule: 

Minimal effort.

While you could regularly look back into your PMS to find patients who have gone dormant, and then call or email them to check in, this would be extremely time consuming. And we’re certain you are doing everything you can just to offer an excellent experience to patients who already are coming to your practice! Zingit checks for dormant patients at automated intervals and sends the initial text for you. 

Text is best.

People do not like to answer the phone if a number is unfamiliar, so your staff spends a lot of time leaving voicemails that may never be heard. And email boxes are cluttered and unreliable also. According to Gartner research, 98% of text messages are opened and read, compared to 20% of email messages. People want to hear from you via text—where they will get the message and are more likely to respond.

Least invasive to patients.

Like all messaging, Zingit’s communication is friendly, casual, and noninvasive. The reactivation text will be conversational text, meant to open up the topic. We believe all texts should follow the “SPEAR” method—Short. Personal. Expecting a Reply. So a reactivation text will read something like the above suggestion: “It’s been a while…how are you?” Then the patient responds, and you and your staff can get an actual conversation going and take it from there. 


Zingit integrates with your PMS to make reactivations natural and automatic. Then reactivation campaigns are sent at regular intervals to keep patients coming back. This automation makes the whole process turn-key for you. This saves your staff the time of going through old records and keeps your patients as your patients.

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