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Make Online Scheduling Benefit Patients and Your Practice

Online scheduling makes your appointment book available 24/7

Make Online Scheduling Benefit Patients and Your Practice

Patients are used to—and even demanding!—digital processes. According to a 2017 Accenture survey, 77 percent of patients think that the ability to book, change or cancel appointments online is important. We love the convenience of tasks we can accomplish online—and the inability to do so could be stopping new patients while they are in the process of gaining interest in your practice.

But your practice wants to maintain control of your schedule—not all appointments are created equal, and your staff can treat them as such when they have a hand in scheduling. How do you balance the two to keep your schedule full, but allow it to flow in the ways you desire? Zingit has created an online scheduling platform that will satisfy both your patients and your practice!

New patients want convenient online scheduling

When a patient is first looking at your practice, they turn online. Here they can learn more and get ready to take that first essential step—scheduling an appointment. But the last thing you want to do is stop them in their tracks by not offering a convenient online scheduling tool!

24/7 booking.

Zingit’s online scheduling allows a patient to choose from particular times in order to request an appointment. They get the satisfaction of requesting an appointment and accomplishing that task. You then have your “lead” and can contact them back to confirm the appointment. This means you can put your website to work filling your calendar 24/7—all hours, all days, even when your practice is closed.

Get the edge over competitors.

It may seem extreme, but online scheduling may just be the convenient push a potential patient needs to push you over your competitors. A Healthgrades study found that, when given a choice between physicians with similar experience, proximity, availability, and patient satisfaction ratings, the vast majority of consumers—77% for specialists—choose the physician who provides online scheduling. 

Web conversion.

Zingit’s online scheduling is just one part of our online conversion toolkit. Online conversion shows patients recent 5-star reviews, allows them to start “chat” conversations that lead to a text conversation with your staff, and lets them request an appointment. These three amazing features will remove first appointment barriers and help you keep your calendar full.

Offer online scheduling, while ensuring your practice maintains calendar control of your calendar

The best news is, your practice maintains calendar control, even while offering online scheduling. Do you want to keep certain dates/times open? No problem! Do certain days work better for new patients than others? Customize the calendar to make it work for you.

Customize available times.

You tell the calendar which windows of time to offer as available online. This custom scheduling option means patient only see times you set as available.

Your staff controls PMS calendar.

Your staff receives the appointment request, and then can contact the patient back to do pre-screening and get the appointment logged into your system.

Save staff time with online scheduling.

Your staff spends a lot of time going back and forth with patients over the phone to find a time that agrees with the patient and your availability. If the patient can request a time from an available window, you save a lot of back and forth with patients!

And more!

And benefits go beyond what you might expect. In fact, online scheduling has been shown to reduce no shows for some practices. The Journal of Medical Internet Research reviewed a group of Medline articles about online scheduling in 2017. They cited the top reported impacts of online scheduling for medical practices, and the top 5 were:

  1. Reducing staff labor
  2. Improving satisfaction
  3. Improving efficiency
  4. Reducing no shows
  5. Reducing wait time

Even reducing wait time is a benefit for your practice. The study refers to the time patients wait between the desire to make an appointment and the time the appointment is booked. If your calendar shows patients the soonest available time, and they are able to book the appointment at all hours, their wait time is reduced and their satisfaction increases.

Are you interested in online scheduling—and all the other web conversion tools offered by Zingit? Let us give you a 15 minute demo today to talk about how Zingit can work for your practice!

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