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How to Reactivate Overdue Patients

What’s even better than bringing a new patient in the door?

Reactivating a former patient.

It’s much more cost-effective than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on marketing to reach new patients. The truth is, you can attract all of the new patients in the world, but it means nothing if you don’t retain them.

Let’s look at a dental practice, for example. A single dental patient spends $12,000-15,000 on average in their lifetime, which is a major loss for your practice if that person goes elsewhere. Whether your goal is to learn how to reactivate old dental patients or for another type of private practice altogether, you’re losing money if you don’t have a proper patient retention strategy in place.

With that being said, it’s any private practice manager’s nightmare to consistently have to go back into the records and calendar to find overdue patients. Never mind your staff having to call every single overdue patient, only to receive their voicemail 90% of the time. This is a major waste of time.

But what if you could win patients back on autopilot? Well, with Zingit’s automated text messaging platform, you can. In fact, with our patient engagement platform, it’s never been easier to keep patients coming back.

So, stick around if you want to find out how we can help you reactivate overdue patients and grow your practice — with very little effort on your part.

Automatically Find Inactive Patients

Looking back into your PMS to find and call inactive patients is a thing of the past. There are much more efficient strategies to reach people who haven’t visited your practice in a while.

Zingit syncs with your PMS and automatically scans the system for inactive patients periodically. It then sends an initial text to the overdue patient on your behalf, which sparks a conversation and re-engages the patient. This saves your staff so much time from continuously scanning your practice’s records to find patients who are overdue for their appointments.

Save Your Staff Time

How could your team benefit with extra time on their hands

Zingit follows up with dormant patients using text messages, so your staff will no longer have to go through a list of dormant patients and call them one by one. Not only is calling patients incredibly time-consuming, but phone calls are quickly becoming a thing of the past when it comes to patient reminders.

Text is the preferred contact method among the majority of patients these days, with a 98% open rate. That means you’re much likelier to see patients respond to text messages as opposed to phone calls, often resulting in a visit back to your practice.

Friendly, Non-Invasive Communication

Just because Zingit automates your reactivation strategy, doesn’t mean the messages need to sound automated or unnatural. The reactivation text message that a patient will receive is friendly, to-the-point, and always non-invasive. It may look something like “Hello, it’s been a while… how are you?”

The idea behind this message is that it’s casual, low pressure, and will prompt the patient to respond. Then, your staff can take over from there.

Better Patient Retention is Just Around the Corner

 Zingit gets patients in the door — and keeps them coming back. To find out more on how to reactivate overdue patients (on autopilot) and scale your practice using Zingit’s handy automation tools, schedule your free demo today.

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