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How to Get More Reviews for Your Practice

Tips to get more reviews for your practice

How to Get More Reviews for Your Practice

It used to be that word of mouth was king, and that personal recommendations were the best leads when it comes to getting more patients to your practice. But with the digital age, the meaning of “personal recommendation” might be shifting. BrightLocal recently conducted a survey on Local Consumer Reviews¹, and the results point to the fact that online reviews increasingly matter. 78% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And that is only likely to keep growing as the next generation ages—91% of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. It’s time to focus on how to get more reviews for your practice.

But the more striking factor is that the volume of reviews matters. According to the 2018 BrightLocal survey, consumers read an average of 10 reviews before trusting a local business. And 40% of consumers only take into account reviews written within the past 2 weeks, up from 18% the prior year. This huge rise should indicate that your practice should have a system in place that keeps those reviews coming.

Get more online reviews with the help of Zingit

How can you do that? We’ll take a look at best practices so you can get more online reviews (many of which Zingit can automate for your practice)!

1. Make a habit of asking.

If someone has a negative experience, it might cross their mind to go leave an online review. But the happy patients who leave your practice might not even think about it—until you ask them. Make a habit of asking patients for reviews on your most important sites every 3-6 months to keep the idea top of mind.

2. Ask at the right time.

As you’ve heard, timing is everything. You want to make the request when it makes sense for them to talk about their recent experience. Ask them:

• When it’s fresh in their minds. A system like Zingit can make the ask at a timed interval after their appointment. Since we integrate with your Patient Management Software, the ask can go out automatically at the set time, without a staff member having to think of it.

• When they’ve booked a 2nd or 3rd appointment. You aren’t sure if a patient is happy who has just come in for a Day 1 or Report of findings visit, but once a patient is coming in at regular intervals, it’s more likely that they are happy. (And Zingit can distinguish by appointment type and send out that ask for you once a patient has regular visits scheduled.)

3. Make it simple for patients to do.

Time is valuable to your patients, so don’t make the ask clunky. They are far less likely to leave a review if it’s a multi-step process. Claim your business pages and provide them with that direct link to the place where you’d like to get more reviews.

4. Track the ask.

We are in a world of big data—use it to your advantage! Send the review request with a unique link (something Zingit also does for you), so you can see if a patient actually goes through the process of leaving the review. That way, if they make it into the process but abandon ship, you can give them another nudge to see if they’ll complete the process to publish the review.

5. Learn from your patient reviews.

You don’t just want to get more reviews—you want to get more amazing reviews. One option is to ask for a review for internal purposes that doesn’t publish anywhere. Have the patient give you an easy, one-click star-rating. If the review is 4 or 5 stars, ask if they’ll let others know about their experience. (And remember to give them that direct link to the places you want the reviews to keep it simple.)

Take Action and Get More Reviews from Your Patients

The above steps will do volumes for getting you the volumes of reviews you need to keep those “personal recommendations” coming online. But, this can be time-consuming to do on your own. Why not let Zingit do the heavy lifting for you and help you get more reviews? Our automated communications platform is preprogrammed to put these processes into practice, using best practice messaging and timing we’ve found from years of experience.

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