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5 Steps to Get New Patients in the Door

For your practice to grow, you need a steady flow of new patients.

And here’s the good news — you don’t need a massive advertising budget in order to do so. What you do need is to leverage technology to find and attract new clients.

This article will cover best practices to get new patients in the door in five easy steps. So, if scaling your practice more than ever before sounds good to you, then read on.

Step 1 – Improve Local SEO

Is it your goal to have your practice show up on the map in a Google search? If not, then it should be.

When people perform “near me” searches on their devices, they often visit your practice simply because you’re conveniently located close to them at the time. These potential patients are ready to take action, which is why optimizing for local SEO should be a major part of your strategy to get new patients in the door.

A great place to start improving local SEO is by optimizing your practice for Google My Business, ensure your business name and address is identical across all websites, optimize for mobile, as well as focus on creating local content.

Step 2 – Leverage Social Media

Today, social media is a necessity for all small businesses. Your private practice is no exception. Not only can you share helpful information about your pactice on platforms like Facebook, but you can reach tons of local people looking for word-of-mouth referrals as well.

You can strive to build a bigger online community by posting consistently, keeping your audience engaged, and by always giving away value with your content. Adding value can be as simple as sharing information about an illness going around, updating changes in your hours, or tips on maintaining better health.

Step 3 – Faster Patient Communication

A study from InsideSales.com found that leads contacted within five minutes are four times more likely to be qualified than those who were contacted within 10 minutes. That means the faster you respond to online inquiries, the better.

Zingit’s instant online chat tool makes fast communication easy by sending automatic responses to inquiries, followed by an alert to your office. This allows your staff to keep the conversation going during office hours and convert more leads into new patients.

Step 4 – Online Scheduling

Easy appointment booking is key in converting an inquiry into a new patient. Nobody wants to wait around hours or until the next day to make an appointment, so speed and efficiency are key.

Zingit’s online scheduling widget allows a potential patient to complete an online appointment request with ease. They’ll receive a text message to their cell phone confirming the request, then someone from your office can follow up with them to officially schedule the appointment. That way the patient can speak to a team member regarding issues that shouldn’t be automated, like insurance.

Step 5 – Encourage Google Reviews

You can easily find ways to get new patients by encouraging your current patients to leave online reviews. Don’t know where to start? Zingit makes this easy by creating an automated text message campaign, asking a patient to rate their experience after their visit.

If a patient leaves you a five-star review during this text campaign, then it’s a great opportunity to ask them for an online review. The truth is, if you went the extra mile for them, then that patient is much more likely to want to do the same in return. You can make writing the review easier on them by sending them a direct link to a website where you would like to see their feedback.

Get New Patients to Grow Your Practice

Zingit can help you get more patients in the door by automating many of these steps and engaging with more potential clients. If you’re ready to discover new ways to get new patients, then don’t wait — sign up for your free demo now!

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