Let Zingit’s Software Be Your Virtual Assistant

Zingit, Like a Virtual Assistant, Automates and Scales Your Practice

Your staff is up to their heads in all that it takes to organize, run daily operations, and provide excellent care to your patients. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a virtual assistant step in to not only take some of that load—but to expand your marketing, conversion, and growth even further? Enter Zingit, your virtual assistant who can automate so much of the communication you already provide and integrate all of your other efforts in order to grow and scale your practice.

Think of the tasks you usually don’t get to that can fill your calendar, as well as the ones that take up unnecessary staff time. In fact, Zingit saves an average of 15 hours of staff time a week—while doing more than ever before. Just check out this list to see all that your new virtual assistant can do to engage your patients on autopilot!

Want a Virtual Assistant? Put Zingit’s Automation to Work!

Recall Dormant Patients.

Fill your calendar with patients you already have! Forget having to remember to dig back into your PMS to see which patients have gone dormant. Zingit is set up to regularly recall patients who haven’t visited lately and message them with a friendly conversation starter. Patients respond and you take it from there!  Learn more.

Send Filtered Appointment Reminders.

Let’s face it—your PMS appointment reminders don’t quite cut it, and if you rely on staff to call for appointment reminders you waste time playing voicemail phone-tag. Imagine if you could have a virtual assistant not only send text reminders (so patients get them where they will see them!), but filter those reminders to be sent with a frequency based on appointment type. Zingit’s reminders are set up based on best practices to keep your calendar full!

Convert New Patients.

Zingit is set up with a patient conversion toolkit—attract patients with excellent reviews, use online chat-to-text to allow potential customers to ask questions or request appointments while they are interested, and once you have appointments booked, automatically send just the right messages (including video) to make it easy to come into your practice and return for Day 2 Report of Findings. All pieces are integrated to work together to ease their path into your practice!

Build and Optimize Reviews.

You can ask patients all you want to leave reviews, but unless you make it as easy and automated as possible, they are not going to make the effort. Your virtual assistant will send review requests via text, providing links to make it super easy to leave reviews at the most popular and important places. Potential patients are sure to appreciate seeing a ton of recent 5-star reviews!

Integrate Marketing Efforts.

Your marketing involves a lot of working parts—and odds are they are not connected in SMART ways to maximize the results. Zingit, your virtual assistant, can integrate with all the good data in your PMS and synergize all efforts—review sites, social, website, and ad campaigns. All of this maximizes your communication impact, attracting and engaging patients like never before.

Engage Existing Patients.

Your existing patients will love the ease of communicating with you via text, as well as the perfectly timed communication on all fronts. Patients love and build loyalty to your practice with Zingit’s video capabilities—send links to videos via text that include patient testimonials and even video birthday messages from you and your staff. Keep those happy patients coming back for more.

Are you ready to hire your new virtual assistant, aka, Zingit, who can help you fill your calendar and scale your practice? Schedule a free consultation today!

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