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Learn How to use Video Marketing in Your Practice

Use Video Marketing in Your Practice

People love video—this should be your cue that it is time to incorporate video marketing into your practice’s communications plan. And the fact that you can create simple, high-quality videos using your own mobile device makes it that much more of a no-brainer. Since the world is your oyster, how can you best effectively use video to bring in and engage with patients?

Ideas for Patient Video Marketing

Introduce the doctor.

When a new patient decides to come into your practice, you can ease their path into the office by helping them understand what to expect on their first visit. A great video worth including in your communications plan is an introduction to their doctor. A short video where the doctor explains what happens on the first visit will help build rapport with the doctor before the patient ever enters the office.

Film a patient testimonial.

Do you have a patient who you know has had a great experience with your practice? Film a brief testimonial that gives the patient the opportunity to tell the story of their experience. New patients will grow in confidence that they are at the right place when they see someone who is excited about the care you have provided. This kind of video is great to send to your patients between their first and second visits to help patients feel they are in the right place.

Send a great birthday message.

People love to feel special on their birthdays, and birthday messages from businesses are growing increasingly common. Stand out above the rest by filming a video of the doctors or staff singing happy birthday while wearing celebratory hats—or whatever messaging matches your practice personality. Practices who have tried this have gotten great responses, building on their relationships with their patients in an interesting, fun way.

So now that you have a place to start in creating your videos, how do you go about sending them out? We have found that the best way to send video is through text. But to get the best deliverability, you have to do it right.

Best Practices in Sending Video to Your Patients

Send via Text.

Text is people’s favorite way to communicate. Emails get lost or buried, or worse, not delivered at all because of SPAM filters. And if your email does make its way through, studies have shown that only 20% of marketing emails are opened and read. The great news with text is that 99% of texts will be read, with 97.5% read within 5 minutes of being sent. When it comes to communicating, text is king.

Send using SMS.

MMS is a way to deliver video using a multimedia message. However, this type of message is only available to see on certain carriers and there are limitations on certain phones with viewing MMS messages. There are also data requirements and cost implications. For the highest deliverability, send using SMS with a link to view.

House video on a hosting site.

When you send using SMS, your video will be housed on a video hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo. These resources are free to use and familiar to your customers. They also have great tracking tools so you can see how effective your videos are and how many people are being reached.

Build a mobile web page.

When you send using SMS with a link to view the video, your text can have a beautiful mobile web page to show the video that will be viewed. This marketing is attractive and lets your patients know what they are getting into when they click the link to view the video right from their phones.

The Zingit platform makes sending videos via text easy, sleek, and the right way to maximize deliverability. It also connects directly to your Practice Management software, so video messages can be automatically sent to your patients at the right time—before a visit, between visits, or on a patient’s birthday. Imagine engaging with your patients using video with minimal effort beyond initial setup!

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