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No More Postcards: Using Text Messages to Help Patients Keep Appointments

Are you still using postcards to remind patients about their appointments?

You’re not alone. Dentists, chiropractors, and other care providers around the country still send postcards to their patients regularly and hope that it doesn’t get mixed in with junk mail. Direct mail used to be a highly effective way for providers to communicate with patients, but today there’s a better way: texting. 

From Baby Boomers to Gen Z’ers, texting has become the go-to way to communicate, and it’s a proven solution for reducing no-show rates. Here’s what you need to know about using text messages to help patients keep appointments.

Using Text Reminders to Scale

Life gets busy, and patients can easily forget about an appointment they scheduled weeks ago. That’s why appointment reminders are such powerful tools. But the old-fashioned way of reminding patients wastes time and money. 

Whether you’re sending postcards or having your staff call patients with reminders about upcoming appointments, you’re spending a lot of time just trying to connect with them. Texting patients is a much cheaper and more effective option for reducing no-call, no-shows because it can happen automatically.

Zingit leverages the data in your practice management system to automatically send appointment reminders via text message, giving your staff time back in their schedules. Zingit’s text appointment reminders are also a proven solution for reducing no-shows. Zingit customers typically see show rates of 90% or higher.

Our software automatically sends text reminders to your patient’s smartphone, and they can either confirm or change the appointment on the spot. If they need to reschedule, your front office staff can quickly adjust your schedule to avoid having large appointment gaps.

How to Effectively Implement Text Message Appointment Reminders

So we’ve established that the technology is there and people have widely adopted texting as their primary communication channel. But you might be wondering, what’s the best way to implement text message appointment reminders?

Depending on your PMS’s capabilities, you might already have the ability to send very basic appointment reminders, but simple reminder texts alone won’t solve your no-show problem. That’s because practice management systems aren’t purpose-built to drive patient engagement with smart automation. 

Zingit, on the other hand, features smart pre-built patient reminder workflows that are proven to drive down no-show rates at private practices across the country. And customizing a workflow to fit your practice is easy, too. 

By trusting Zingit to take care of your appointment reminders, you can drive up your show rates, save your staff as many as 15 hours per month, and say goodbye to postcards forever. This is a powerful time- and money-saving tool for physicians, chiropractors, and dentists alike. Does that sound like something your practice could benefit from?

The fact of the matter is, this is the digital age. If you’re not using text appointment reminders to confirm appointments, then you aren’t effectively cutting down on no-shows and, therefore, aren’t optimizing your schedule or maximizing revenue.

Imagine how much more efficient your practice would be if your staff no longer had to call patients (and hope they answer) to remind them about appointments, reschedule missed appointments and follow up after an appointment. Zingit’s patient engagement and communication platform automates these time-consuming day-to-day tasks.

To find out more about how it works, schedule your free consultation today. All you need to do is set 15 minutes aside for a complimentary demo to see how Zingit can help you scale your private practice. 

It’s time to say goodbye to postcards forever and adopt the nation’s most preferred method of communication to scale your practice more than ever before.

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