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Sked Chiropractic Scheduling vs. Zingit

Sked Chiropractic vs Zingit

SKED Chiropractic Scheduling Software –  Downloads Required 🙁

SKED Chiropractic Scheduling Software (SKED.LIFE) has developed a scheduling app for chiropractors.  One requirement for an app to be effective is that it must be downloaded onto the patient phone and maintained. Today’s patients may be somewhat hesitant to depend on an app for scheduling or changing appointments. Studies show that more than 75% of downloaded apps are opened once and then never again. This seems to indicate a lack of ongoing patient engagement with an app.  Patients may forget their login information or need to download app updates to so that it remains secure.  So chiropractors using a system like SKED need to figure out how much of their patient base will actually use the app on an ongoing basis. All patient population demographics differ, so it’s up to individual practices to decide if their patient-base will use an app-based scheduling system like SKED.

Stats about downloadable apps, like SKED

  • More than 75% of app downloads open an app once and never come back.
  • 71% of app users churn within the first 90 days of downloading an app.

SKED Scheduling App only works with 3 software systems, Zingit works with 170+. 

Another limitation of the SKED Scheduling App is that it only works with 3 practice management systems. So if you use SKED and ever want to switch your software, you may be out of luck. This could be a bigger problem than some of the others like: requiring patients to download the app, remember a login, and keep the app up to date.

Zingit’s online scheduling and patient engagement solutions are built to work universally with nearly every practice management system in the business, sporting 170+ integrations across many different software versions.  Zingit has the benefit of a decade’s worth of experience and software iterations, so our technical team and expertise allows us to work with the most practice management software systems in the profession. 

It’s important that you make the right decision for your practice and your patients. Zingit gives you the option of using an App-based Scheduling tool, or a login-free online scheduling widget for your website. 

Doctor Jennifer Rozenhart

“Zingit is great. We got 10 reviews right away and the best part is that we didn’t have to do anything!”

– Rozenhart Family Chiropractic

SKED Chiropractic Scheduling Software vs Zingit

What are the limitations with SKED’s Chiropractic Software?

Some companies may speak to the limitations of SKED, but we’ll speak to what our clients enjoy about Zingit versus SKED.  

  1. Our clients enjoy the 98% read rates of Zingit’s text marketing platform
  2. With Zingit, pinpoint accurate recall and patient reactivation campaigns fill the appointment book on autopilot, saving staff 15+ hours per month.
  3. With Zingit, practices enjoy an average of 23+ Google reviews in their initial month. 
  4. Our clients enjoy the quick support and professional support our client success team provides on the initial install and ongoing.  
  5. With Zingit’s video content delivery, practices can positively impact show rates and convert more patients into care plans, while enhancing patient compliance.  
  6. Zingit’s industry leading reminder system, featuring Sync Guard, results in show rates of 93-94% and higher.  
  7. It is uncertain if SKED’s Chiropractic software offers recalls, content delivery, webchat-to-text, streaming online reviews, a login free online scheduling website booking widget, local SEO, and/or directory listings cleanup. 
  8. Zingit is the only provider to offer both long code and short code options for text message delivery. Choose which option is best for you and your patients!
  9. Zingit allows you to reach your entire patient base or just some with one broadcast text message. And remember, text messages have 98% read rates, so you can rest assured that your message is reaching patients.  
  10. Zingit’s integrations allow practices the flexibility to choose the software that best fits their practice model, not be limited to 3 systems. 

Do you want to start using Zingit versus SKED Chiropractic? 

If you’re currently a SKED client and want to switch to Zingit or learn more, please reach out to our team.  We’ll provide a tour for you and illustrate the differences between Zingit and SKED. 

Remember, there are alternatives to an app-based patient scheduling solution like SKED.LIFE. It’s important to pick the solution that will work best for you and your patients. Zingit Solutions offers both a patient Scheduling App and a login-free online scheduling widget for your website.

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*The information provided above was sourced through a combination of information readily available on SKED Chiropractic Scheduling’s website, as well as from testimonials provided by our clients and prospective clients. Should you see any errors or omissions, please send a note to [email protected]

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