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Communicate with groups of any size, getting your message into patients’ hands faster with Zingit.

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Want to send a quick message to all your patients?

Learn how to use Zingit to text all patients for special events and emergencies. 

Broadcast texts to large groups

Sending a text message that applies to a large group of people is a fast and easy way to communicate, saving your staff time and getting the message where people want to be reached. Send a single message to entire audiences of patients and opt-ins with Zingit’s SMART campaign technology. With minimal effort, use text to stay connected with your base and encourage patients to take action. 

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Boost event attendance

Zingit text campaigns can help you seamlessly communicate with those who register for events. From “dinner with the doctor” to spinal screens to conferences and seminars, you can market and communicate with your prospective registrants and attendees faster using Zingit’s powerful platform. 

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“We’ve been using their program for more that 5 years. Zingit makes our practice more efficient at the front desk by making it easy to have a conversation with patients…We can’t live without it! We love it!”

-Apple Medical Team

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