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Zingit vs. Review Wave

Myths Debunked

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Well then consider us VERY flattered and thank you for all of the attention Review Wave!!

Competition is healthy, it helps ensure that we are constantly improving. Our customers expect and deserve the best, so bring it on! The only downside here is that Review Wave is EXTREMELY misleading. Previously this was limited to their demo’s or even communications with Zingit clients (countless clients share these conversations with us). Misleading both prospects and clients about our features, capabilities and even support staff headcount!! However more recently they’ve taken their campaign of negative, misleading and unethical selling to a whole new level.

The content on Zingit comparison page is almost comical it’s so misleading. A review generation company trying to grow within the space that relies on cherry-picking out of context reviews to make their case? Ouch…that’s certainly not how we do things here at Zingit.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard and work hard to build a brand that our clients and partners can be proud of. We are all about doing things the right way, honesty and dedication to the success of our customers. We don’t rely on shady sales tactics, misleading (in some cases photo shopped) screenshots and flat-out dishonesty to succeed.

Review Wave points out that we were founded 9 years ago which is actually one of the only true points included on their site about us! Having almost a decade of experience and growth within the Chiropractic industry is almost an unfair advantage when competing with software companies newer to the space.

The Zingit Platform Includes:

If you’ve spoken with Review Wave or had the pleasure of seeing their Zingit comparison page then it’s safe to assume you’ve been fed a LOT of misleading information. Below are clarifications on their propaganda.  Too many practices are being fooled by tricky sales speak, so be informed and make a wise decision for your practice.  

Have you heard otherwise? Unfortunately, it is not surprising. If you’d like to learn about the unique value and advantages Zingit offers, try our service for free.  In a quick 20 minute call, we’ll learn about your practice and  help you reach patients faster by text, growing your business in a positive and honest way.

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Review Wave Compared to Zingit

While the Review Wave reviews platform is seemingly okay, if that’s what you like, it includes features which are considered table-stakes in today’s market , but represent themselves as somehow unique. There is no secret-sauce in the world of reviews, to claim otherwise is misleading. They also offer 2-way text appointment reminders, however, they recommend clients use long-codes (the office landline phone number) as opposed to short-codes which most banks, health systems, airlines choose to use. In and of itself this is not a problem, what is concerning is that Review Wave also promotes text blasting (they call it campaigns) to patients which in our opinion can be extremely dangerous for clients. Combine that with the fact that Review Wave recently updated the Terms and Conditions of their service to place 100% of liability on the shoulders of their clients related to violations of the TCPA of 1990 which regulates spam-texting within Healthcare. Here’s one of countless examples of offices receiving MASSIVE fines and penalties related to the improper text blasting of patients.

Zingit provides both long-code and short-code solutions and acknowledges the pros and cons of each. It’s up to the specific client to chose which option best suits their needs. Zingit Solutions also has a very different stance related to text blasting and would never encourage our clients to do anything which might put their business at-risk. We work with clients to understand whether a long-code or short-code is best for them and then educate them on how to leverage text messaging responsibly.

Review Wave has successfully built a user-friendly interface but has fallen short in building out custom solutions that are truly specific to Chiropractors. Zingit offers proprietary solutions to support care plan adherance, patient conversion, marketing integration and much more. Zingit has over 9 years of experience within the Chiropractic field, our ability to tailor solutions to an office’s needs is unmatched. We are not a one-size fits all solution because one-size fits all solutions are not long-term solutions that will help your office continue to grow year after year. If reviews are your biggest priority, there are many other cheaper providers of reviews platforms with the same functionality as Review Wave. It’s critical that a platform offer true patient engagement and solutions that were built for Chiropractors. Try Zingit at no cost, claim your FREE TRIAL today!

*The information provided above was sourced through a combination of information readily available on Review Wave’s website, as well as from testimonials provided by our clients and prospective clients. Should you see any errors or omissions, please send a note to [email protected]

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