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Practice Reactivates 12 Patients in First Day of Using Zingit
Dr. Cory Emberland

Reactivation is the number one value of Zingit.

Dr. Cory Emberland

Practice Reactivates 12 Patients in First Day of Using Zingit

Dr. Cory has loved Zingit so much he’s started recommending it to all chiropractors he knows. And it’s no wonder—upon the first week of using Zingit he reactivated 12 patients. Within 6 weeks he doubled his online reviews. And these are just a few of the many benefits he’s seen!

As a consultant and mentor for several chiropractic offices, his views on communication have to be a cut above. Dr. Cory and another partner in his practice consult for other chiropractors—including former employees or chiropractic interns, and others who hire them as practice consultants, to help them get their practice communications on point. “I find communication to be highly important to professionalism—and that is what sets you apart in our world here today,” said Dr. Cory. “From a marketing standpoint, communication—especially quality information—is what draws patients in the door these days. Patients want to go to the expert, and providing expert information and advice draws people to your office.”

Since Zingit is all about excellent patient communication, we sat down with Dr. Cory to understand which features matter the most to him to be sure his communication is where patients need it to be today.

About Dr. Cory’s Practice:

Practice offerings: Chiropractic
Location: 2 Locations with a huge density of practices because of a chiropractic school nearby.
Size: 5 chiropractors in the practice.
Time established: In existence for just over 20 years.

Reactivate Patients

“Reactivation is the number one value of Zingit.”

Prior to using Zingit, we had tried several time-consuming campaigns to reactivate patients. People don’t check their email and lots of us have inboxes of thousands of messages unchecked. We tried blanket or targeted emails, a letter or postcard (blanket or targeted), and phone calls many times over the years as well. Nothing was ever this efficient or effective.

The initial campaign of text messages went out to all the patients inactive in the office for 60-90 days. In our offices, that meant 500 or so with that first blast. They all went out on Monday morning at 10 am. My staff member and myself responded to at least 150 text messages that were reengagements of people who were inactive. That day we probably rescheduled about a dozen of them. It does require work to respond to all of these messages, but that was a very significant result. To send 500, engage with around 100 individuals, and then the text messages resulted in 12 people who put themselves on the schedule—just because of that reactivation message.
And now Zingit will continue with an automatic message asking dormant patients how they are—this as a default is so helpful.

“We more than doubled our Google reviews in 6 weeks!”

The other biggie was reviews. That’s how people find chiropractors—on the Internet. I believe that reviews are where people make their final decisions on their chiropractor, doctor, dentist, restaurant—everything in our world today. You may receive a referral from your neighbor to see your local chiropractor, but the chances that you will go to your computer to see how the rest if the world looks at them is quite great. It’s a reinforcement for all your other marketing efforts to get people to your office.

Prior to Zingit, we’ve tried everything and gone through great efforts for reviews—from asking people, handing out cards, sending links to people, posting links on Facebook—whatever we could to try to get people to leave us reviews. I don’t think I could have done anything else to get so many reviews so quickly other than using this platform.

I don’t know what I could have done in any other fashion in my practice today to increase the amount of reviews on Google as significantly and rapidly as we did with Zingit. In 6 weeks, we were able to increase our reviews from around 50-55 prior to Zingit to 125— that’s an additional 66 reviews in that 6 week timeframe. The amazing part is how quickly we were able to knock that out. People get that text message, get bumped to Google, and it is done.

What benefits or features drew you to Zingit in the first place?

Today, society wants to communicate using text messaging. We’ve gone through an evolution from telephone to email to now social and text messaging. Text is something we couldn’t provide—we can do social, we can do email, we can do phone—but I did not have a resource for text messaging.

We evaluated our software’s program, which offered texting. However, it isn’t as full featured, functional, and complete of a solution as Zingit. We had used another communications platform for a while, but because of the lack of software integration, it was useless to us. It didn’t work with our PMS platform, Chirotouch. Zingit seamlessly integrates with the software, making communication automatic.

How was the process of getting started with Zingit?

The major positive to highlight is the quickness of getting it functional. They had it operating in my office within pretty much a day. That was impressive that they could knock it out that quickly.

What would you say to any practices considering using Zingit?

The results speak for themselves. Don’t take my word for it. If you’d like an almost hands free way to build your reviews on Google and an efficient tool to reactivate patients and communicate with your patients, there’s no other solution I know of that effectively achieves both.

Interested in seeing how Zingit can help your practice with reactivations, reviews, and more? Set up a 15 minute demo today!


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Software integration has made all the difference in the world.

Dr. Cory Emberland

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