Reach ALL Your Patients with One Broadcast Text

Reach all your patients with one broadcast text

One message can reach all your patients, saving your staff time, and engaging patients at a whole new level.

Reaching all your patients quickly has never been more important. You have important information for your patients, and limited time to spend getting it to them. Plus, they prefer to hear from you via text. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reach the whole group at once with information like emergency closings, changes in practice hours, and other practice announcements? Zingit lets your practice text all patients at once.

  • Reach all your patients
  • Simplify staff workloads
  • Text from your practice phone number
  • Create unlimited SMART audiences
  • Customize content per message.

Practices are using Zingit to:

  • Notify patients of closed practices. Zingit got its start when founder Steve Weber had a frustrating experience communicating with his dentist’s office about a snow storm. Your practice may close because of weather, a family emergency, or COVID—and you don’t want your patients left wondering if and when you are open. Send one broadcast text to all patients if your office has to close.
  • Offer patients the ability to respond. No one likes to be talked at. When you send a message to all patients, they will have the ability to reply back via text, keeping the 2-way, personal feel of a conversation present.
  • Easily reschedule appointments. If you have to close your practice or change your hours, you can easily link patients to online scheduling to set up their next appointment or have a 2-way text conversation to quickly reschedule. This saves your staff the initial broadcast message time, as well as the time spent playing voicemail phone tag to reschedule.
  • Send patients new information. Appointment reminders and other broadcast messages can be customized to include messaging that applies to all patients. For example, with COVID-19, you can include a message with every appointment reminder that reminds patients not to come in if sick.
  • Send video messages. Zingit offers the ability to send a rich media image of a video that will link patients directly to the streaming site (like Youtube) where they can watch your video. You can easily record video messages at your office from your mobile device, upload the video, and send it out to patients. Use the feature for birthday messages, “Meet the Team” videos, and more to engage patients.

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