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7 Benefits of PMS Software Integration

7 Benefits of PMS Software Integration

Your practice’s PMS is a treasure trove of organization, information, and data that keeps your office running smoothly. But simply using and understanding your PMS often isn’t enough to maximize the information it contains—for that, you need automations and integrations that will sync all of your communication efforts. A tool like Zingit can help you unlock the information in your PMS and activate it to attract new patients and keep your existing patients happily coming back for more. The excellent news is, with Zingit, PMS software integration is seamless, so you can naturally and automatically communicate with patients. Because Zingit is packed with automations and integrations, Zingit minimizes your effort and eases the communications process. The bottom line is, when you are looking to amplify your communications and scale your practice growth, the best place to turn is Zingit.

Top benefits of PMS Software Integration

1) Scale faster.

Faster growth is the number one benefit of software integration! All of the benefits listed below will enableBecause of all the below benefits, your practice will scale like never before. Zingit uses SMART campaigns that connect all of your efforts—from your PMS to social to your website to your marketing to your EHR schedules—to help your practice reach new patients, activate lapsed patients, and keep existing patients coming back for more. Because so much is automated, you can focus on making an impact where it counts, keep your calendar full, and scale!

2) Power up PMS data.

Your PMS information is all there and available—but it takes time to dig into it and put it to good use. Do you want to see which patients have lapsed? Your office staff can spend a designated time each week digging that up (if they remember or get to this task), and then calling them to leave voicemails the lapsed patients may never listen to. Or you can have Zingit automatically run this process every week, starting up conversations where patients are likely to see and respond—via text. And reactivations are just one example of how Zingit integrates with your PMS to put it to use filling your calendar and growing your practice.

3) It’s automatic!

Zingit runs SMART campaigns on its own, reducing staff time by an average of 15 hours a week. Automatically reactivate patients, ask for reviews at the perfect time, promote positive reviews on social and on your website, and send filtered reminders based on appointment type—just a few examples of the many communications that become automatic with Zingit. This is like having another employee, imagine what you and your team can do with the time saved.

4) Make social easy and natural!

You know you need to be active on social media, but it’s hard for your practice to take the time to wear that marketing hat. Zingit makes social easy and natural, pushing positive reviews directly to your sites, like Facebook. Claim and optimize your Google my Business profile, and integrate Zingit in the process. Watch your practice rank better and better on sites like Google.

5) Optimize reviews.

Over 80% of today’s patients read reviews before choosing a practice! This means you need as many 5-STAR reviews as possible if you want to stand out. Zingit makes review requests easy and automatic—in fact, the most common rave review we get is the volume of new reviews on the big review platforms. Average Zingit customers receive 10 times the number of Google reviews within a few months of using the service. And with SMART integrations, 5-star reviews are promoted on your website and social, making sure that potential new patients are seeing this positive social proof and booking appointments with your practice.

6) Convert patients.

Zingit’s specialized SMART campaigns convert your potential patients into new patients! Zingit’s powerful patient conversion toolkit allows you to use Webchat to Text on your website. Webchat to Text is more effective than typical “chat-bots” because potential patients can ask questions and you can respond back via text—keeping the conversation going when it matters the most. Online scheduling makes securing appointments more likely. And once they have secured an appointment, text reminders and pre-appointment info will smooth their path into your practice, giving them a great first experience. SMART messaging after the appointment will promote their return for a second visit—all with minimal effort from your staff.

7) Own the patient experience.

With all communications integrated, you will own the patient experience from the first impression online, to the moment they walk through the door and beyond. Patients expect excellent communication, using the preferred platform (text!), at the right time will help you guide and control the entire patient communication experience all while saving staff time.

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