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The Secret to Growing Your Physical Therapy Practice

The Secret to Growing Your Physical Therapy Practice

Owning and practicing at your own private physical therapy clinic can be extremely rewarding. But running a private practice is a lot like running any other business: You have to bring in new patients if you want to continue growing.

Building a PT practice is hard work, but between training your staff and treating your patients, there isn’t much time to focus on growth. There are only 24 hours in a day, and you can’t possibly do everything.

Fortunately, there’s a secret to growing your physical therapy practice: It’s automation. Automation takes time-consuming patient outreach tasks off your plate, so you can spend your valuable time caring for your patients and spending more time with your family.

Zingit’s easy-to-use text-based patient experience platform seamlessly integrates with your practice management system, unlocking the power of automation to put your practice’s growth on autopilot.

Here’s how.

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Tapping into Your Existing Patient Base

It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. That’s why it’s so important to look to your current patient base before signing up for an expensive marketing campaign to bring new people in.

Reactivating Dormant Patients

Even during regular times, some patients go dormant. They have to cancel their PT appointment, they get busy, and they forget to reschedule. The pandemic has only made this problem worse, disrupting everyone’s normal day-to-day routine. Do you know how many of your patients went dormant during the lockdown? Chances are, your practice management system is probably full of patients who haven’t been in for an appointment in over a year.

Zingit regularly combs through your patient data, searching for patients who haven’t visited in a specified period of time. Then, Zingit automatically sends a text message to your dormant patients, checking in on them and sparking a conversation. If they want to make an appointment, they can do it right from the web.

Identifying Loyal Patients for Reviews and Referrals

Most satisfied customers don’t leave reviews or tell their friends about you, but your online reputation is one of the most important factors for bringing in new patients and ranking higher in Google search results. Luckily, in most cases, all you have to do is ask. 

Simply asking every patient to review you on Google or Facebook can boost your reputation online, but when you’re busy, it’s easy to forget. Zingit automates this process, automatically sending a review request via text message after an appointment.

Automatically asking for patient feedback is an easy way to get a steady stream of reviews, boost your practice’s local SEO, and identifying and resolve any negative experiences before they hurt your practice’s reputation.


Attracting New Patients

Once you have a firm strategy in place for engaging your existing patients, it makes sense to start looking for opportunities to attract new patients. 

Leveraging Google My Business

While some clinics spend thousands of dollars every month on local television ads or expensive digital marketing campaigns, the simplest and most cost-effective way to attract more local patients is leveraging your Google My Business listing. In addition to getting more online reviews to help boost your local search rankings, keeping all your information up to date — including the URL to your mobile-friendly website — and using the tools Google offers can push your listing higher and higher in local search results for physical therapists.

Converting Web Visits to Appointments

Your website is your digital office. It’s open and can take new patients’ information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. But for many people, the first time they visit your website is also the last. You never know who they are because they leave without filling out your contact form. 

Zingit clients get an automated web chat added to every page of their website, making it easy to collect contact information from prospective clients, even if they’re not on your “Contact Us” page. 

Our web chat tool is a proven way to convert web visits to real-world appointments, and all you have to do is turn it on.

Rapid Growth is Possible

With Zingit’s automation features, you might not see results overnight, but you’ll be amazed at the difference Zingit makes in the first 30 days. In just the first month, the average Zingit client receives 23 new online reviews, reactivates eight dormant patients, saves your staff 15+ hours, and increases show rates over 90%.

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