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Patient Communication – The Results After 1 Month of Using Zingit

Patient Communication benefits and results

Patient Communication – The Benefits and Results After 1 Month of Using Zingit

Patient communication is and art and when practices sign up with Zingit, they usually have a goal—whether that is to easily text patients, improve appointment reminders, or get more of those super valuable online reviews. Often they don’t anticipate the many other benefits—and they definitely don’t expect so many results so quickly. We love to hear from happy practices who are surprised to see how quickly Zingit delivers value in so many different areas. If you want to amp up all aspects of your patient communication, Zingit is a great place to make that happen easily, and with very little effort!

Check out the top results that practices see within just one month of using Zingit!

Zingit Patient Communication Results

Skyrocketing Google reviews—an average of 23 new Google reviews.

Within one month of using Zingit, practices average 23 new Google reviews. In today’s online, review-obsessed society, these can have a huge impact on reaching out to new patients. According to the 2018 BrightLocal survey, consumers read an average of 10 reviews before trusting a local business, so review volume matters. Not only that, but recent and frequent reviews have an impact. According to the same survey, 40% of consumers only take into account reviews written within the past 2 weeks, up from 18% the prior year.

When Bloomington Wellness Center started with Zingit, they had only 50-55 reviews—over 6 weeks, they were able to increase their reviews to 125. Dr. Cory Emberland of Bloomington Wellness Center said, “I don’t know what I could have done in any other fashion in my practice today to increase the amount of reviews on Google as significantly and rapidly as we did with Zingit. In 6 weeks, we were able to increase our reviews… an additional 66 reviews in that 6 week timeframe. The amazing part is how quickly we were able to knock that out. People get that text message, get bumped to Google, and it is done.”

Patient communication brings back dormant patients—averaging 8 reactivations in one month.

It takes a lot of effort and intention to get new patients—the easiest way to fill your calendar is with patients you already have. But sometimes life gets in the way, and patients don’t come in for a period of time. The average Zingit practice reactivates 8 patients within the first month. Forget digging back through your PMS to do research to see which patients have fallen away. Zingit does this automatically at regular intervals. When you sign up with Zingit, it connects with your PMS and sends out messages to patients who have gone dormant. Bring back your existing patients with little effort!

Clarksville Chiropractic received over 800 responses to reactivation messages since January 2020. When they sent out their initial reactivation messages, the response was overwhelming. “We had so many messages in the first month that we couldn’t read them all,” said Jennifer Gilman, Office Manager. “We heard so many times, ‘I haven’t come in for treatment in so long. I’ll make an appointment.’ We had a significant influx of patients come back and activate their care. It was huge.”

Patient communication uses time efficiently— averaging 15+ hours of staff time savings.

Zingit automates so much of your usual patient communication, new patient outreach, and time usually spent on the phone. And as they say, time is money. With the time saved by Zingit’s robust and automated tools, your staff will find time to connect with patients in person, offering a better patient experience, and you’ll find your practice can grow and scale in all new ways.

Cosgrove Chiropractic were so impressed with the time saved. “You’re getting a full time employee for about what it would cost to pay someone for half a week. Truly. You’re getting a 35 hour employee and you are only paying a few hundred dollars—plus no employment benefits to cover, no vacations, no sick days. Zingit is time saving, money saving—plus, the number of patients writing reviews is astonishing,” said Dr. Cosgrove.

Patient communication fills your calendar—increasing show rates over 93%.

You want to increase revenue, and in order to do that, you want to keep your calendar full. With Zingit’s robust appointment reminders, patients are able to easily remember their upcoming appointments. What makes Zingit’s reminders so special? Unlike the basic reminders in your PMS, Zingit’s appointment reminders can be filtered based on frequency of patient visits, your cancellation policy, appointment type, and more. In addition, if a patient is running late or needs to make a small adjustment, the 2 way patient communication offered by Zingit’s text platform helps them to easily keep appointments or reschedule. Dr. Schofield of Atlas Chiropractic says, “In today’s busy attention-seeking world in terms of technology, people rely on those reminders.”

Boost website conversion with webchat to text.

Practices might not sign up for Zingit specifically for this feature, but they are super happy to have webchat to text once they see how it functions! Patients are searching for practices at all hours—even when your practice is closed. But even if your practice is closed, patients want the satisfaction of having their questions answered or making contact with your practice immediately when they are online. With webchat to text, a potential patient can initiate a conversation with your practice in a webchat box that then launches a text conversation between you and the patient. This way, they get to make the initial contact. Your practice can then text them to start a conversation whenever someone from your staff is available. This way, you don’t lose new potential patients at a crucial moment—when they have made it to the point where they are ready to ask a question or make contact but there is no easy way to get in touch. And, the conversation can continue via text—the way patients prefer to communicate. This website conversion tool will help you convert more patients than ever.

Excellent patient communication increase staff and patient morale.

With the time saved and the new, easy way to communicate, practices who use Zingit have found that their staff is less overloaded. In addition, we hear often from practices that patients notice the difference. Zingit makes patient communication easy, which benefits both your staff and patients in a cyclical way. Dr. Paxton Schofield of Atlas Chiropractic says, “It has saved mental energy and stress on staff, which in turn will provide a better experience to our patients and allow staff to be more productive and provide better service in other areas.”

In short, perhaps Jenny Gilman of Clarksville Chiropractic put it best. When asked what she would say to practices considering using Zingit, she said, “Do it, because it’s so worth it. It has done so many things for us. We wasted money on so many other things that never brought us results like this.”

If you are looking for results in the area of patient communication, Zingit is an excellent place to start. Interested in finding out what Zingit can do for your practice? Contact us today to set up a demo.

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