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Parking Lot Reception – Receive Patients by Texting

Create Parking Lot Reception Areas With The Help Of Zingit

Is parking lot reception right for your practice? As a valued client, our goal is always to help your practice grow stronger.  To that end, we want to share a strategy that many practices have implemented ‘Parking Lot Reception’.  COVID-19 has altered the daily processes of many healthcare practices but texting thru Zingit has helped with many of the obstacles, especially the reception process.  To comply with local physical distancing regulations and ensure patient comfort, healthcare offices are using Zingit’s 2-way texting service to turn parking lots into reception areas.

How it Works – Parking Lot Reception & Texting

  1. Before the day of the appointment, a pre-appointment text reminder from the practice educates incoming patients on the new reception process.
  2. On the day of the appointment, and when the patient parks, patients should text the practice to ‘check-in’.
  3. The front desk acknowledges the patient’s check-in and provides them with an estimated wait time along with any instructions.
  4. Should the practice require any pre-appointment intake information, insurance info, payment info, staff may choose to call the patient and coordinate those details as necessary.
  5. Once the doctor is ready to see the patient, the staff texts the patient with instructions to enter the practice and where to head.

Patients win, getting access to the same great healthcare they enjoy.  Doctors, nurses, and staff win with a parking lot reception as it is physically distanced, allowing them to provide care for patients in need while safeguarding their own health. Please note that the scenario presented is an example framework of what we are seeing.  Please be sure to tailor it to fit your practice and check your local laws and regulations to ensure you are in compliance.

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