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Zingit Solutions is an online patient engagement platform, containing solutions that are designed specifically to assist in improving your patient outreach, all the while raising patient satisfaction.We make it easy to cultivate individual patient relationships, ensuring that every patient experiences the power of individualized care. The Zingit platform includes all the tools you need to engage your patients along the entire patient cycle. Every solution in our platform is included with your service, including any and all future upgrades.

Helping Combat Your Every Day Office Challenges

Appointment Reminders

Zingit Solutions automates appointment reminders and confirmations so that your staff can stop spending hours every week calling patients to remind them of their appointment and collect confirmations. People just don’t answer the phones the way they used to and we have the solution for this issue.

Not only does our automated system dramatically reduce no-shows and improve patient satisfaction, it frees up your staff to do other things that improve your patients’ experience and impact the growth of your practice.

Birthday Greetings

Personalize your communication with the Zingit Solution birthday club. Each year your patients will receive a customized birthday card sent right to their phone. Our highly trained implementation managers will work with you to customize the birthday card with your office information, logo and message. Thoughtful communication goes a long way, our customers tell us about the birthday club and your patients will love the fact that you thought of them on their special day.

Broadcast Alerts

Broadcast alerts allow you to reach out to a set group of patients with important information that needs to be shared immediately. In the event of an office closing or even office openings, these broadcast alerts can be extremely helpful when trying to get the word out to your patients.

Continued Care

Ensuring your patients receive the continued care that they need can be challenging and time consuming. With our Continued Care feature, you can ensure that your patients will receive notifications when they are due for follow up appointments or preventative maintenance visits. Our solution is easy to set up with each patient and it allows you to focus on other things that are extremely important – the patients in your office!

Mobile Websites

Zingit Solutions will help you create a premium mobile website for your practice. Its great design and flexibility allows you to offer a rich mobile website that is quick to load and easy to use without any technical knowledge required.

Online Reviews

By using the Zingit Solutions Review feature, get patient reviews posted to Google, Yelp, Yahoo!, City Search – and any other review site you want. Links can be inserted into your patient outreach (like e-newsletters or patient surveys) that direct patients to submit reviews directly where they are needed most.

Take control of your reputation management by encouraging patients to review your practice. Local searches will show these reviews and drive internet traffic your way.

Patient Education

Your #1 priority is your patients’ health. That’s why it’s important to continue their treatment through education. Providing them with these educational e-newsletters is a powerful tool that your patients will appreciate… and remember eNewsletters are also a great way to not only educate patients, but to remind them of the products and services you offer.

Patient Reactivation

It’s no secret that it is far less costly to keep existing patient than acquire a new one. The same applies to the patients that used to come in, but no longer do. Most offices recognize the huge opportunity that is the dormant patient.

Zingit Solution’s reactivation tool allows you to reach those patients without the old game of phone tag. People just don’t answer the phones the way they used to anymore. Let Zingit Solutions show you how simple, effective and efficient our reactivation tool is by walking through a quick online demonstration today.

Patient Surveys

Increasing patient satisfaction is not only done by showing your patients you care for their health, but that you also value their opinion. Solidify their loyalty and a positive image of you in your patients by addressing concerns and considering feedback. Easily automate fully customizable post-appointment or scheduled surveys that fit your practice needs.


Our true two way text conversations allow your front desk staff to communicate back and forth with the patient from the front desk computer for important things such as reschedules. We know emergencies happen and so do reschedules. With the Zingit Solutions platform, we make it easy to reschedule those patients in minutes instead of having to play phone tag, pushing that patient one step closer to the dormant patient list.

Social Media

The lion share of your patients, whether they are new patients, old patients or patients that have been off the radar for some time, can be found on social media outlets. That gives you one location to reach nearly all of your patients and remind them that you are still there for them. Social media will allow you to give them information that will benefit their health and make it easy for them to request an appointment from you.

Zingit Solutions’ integrated social media tools provide you with the ability to use social media to your advantage, giving marketing a whole new look that doesn’t look like marketing!

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