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6 Reasons Why It’s Time to Text Patients from Your Landline

Landline texting to reach patients faster

Landline Texting – 6 Reasons Why It’s Time to Use Your Business Line to Text Patients

Save 15+ Hours of Staff Time per Month!

Your customers text all day long—their friends, their family, and they even are choosing to accept offers from their favorite businesses. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reach them—and engage with them—where they like to communicate best? It’s possible they are already texting your landline, but messages are bouncing back. The great news is, you can do something about it! Allow your landline phone number to both send and receive texts. That way you can text patients from your landline!

Here are a few reasons you should enable landline texting on your existing business phone number:

1. Keep your existing number.

Your phone number feels like a part of your identity—it’s been with you from the start. It’s printed everywhere—on your marketing materials, business cards, letterhead. And it would be expensive and a hassle to try to change it. You don’t have to! Using Zingit’s software, you can convert your existing phone number into a number that can send and receive text messages.

2. Send and receive messages easily.

Your text will make its way to your patients or potential patients, and their phone may even identify the sender for them. And even better, if your existing patients have programmed your number into their phone, when you test patients from your landline they will recognize texts they receive from you.

3. Communicate back and forth with patients by landline texting.

Texting shouldn’t be seen as a way to just blast messages out to your patients. It should be seen for the medium it is—a way to engage patients and get human 1-on-1 conversations going. On your end, receive messages from patients on your desktop computer in your office so you can get two-way conversations going. When you convert your existing landline, any message a patient sends to you initiates a conversation and takes your engagement beyond a one-way blast.

4. Reach them where they are at.

People ignore phone calls from numbers that aren’t programmed into their phones, so often your text is the only way to get through. According to Gartner research, 98% of text messages are opened and read. [Gartner]

5. Reach them where they prefer.

Text is an opportunity to reach people how they want to be reached. In a recent survey, 90% of people reported that they’d rather communicate with businesses via text than over phone. [Franchise Help]

6. Reach them within moments.

According to an often-cited Morgan Stanley study from 2007, 91 percent of people keep their mobile device within arm’s reach all of the time. Imagine what that number would be in 2020! And according to a study “Conversational Advertising” by MobileSquared in 2010, 90 percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes. If you want to have the best chance to communicate with customers, text is the place.

Converting to landline texting simple using Zingit. And setting up your phone is just the start—the software can do so much more for you as well! Once your landline can text, use Zingit to automate conversations that recall dormant patients, help patients reschedule missed appointments easily, and to guide the full patient experience from scheduling to appointment preparation to review requests after a great visit. Our 100+ tools will help you reach and hear back from patients on a whole new level.

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