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And…Cut! How to Create and Send Video to Patients

Doctor recording and send patients videos

When you are considering different marketing mediums to reach out to new patients and engage the ones you currently have, in today’s digital world, nothing seems more important than to send patients videos. People constantly have their mobile devices nearby, and watching a :30-:60 second video is the easiest, fastest way to consume content. And with all the filming capabilities of the phone you are probably reading this on right now, it’s time you got your practice in on the video game!

Create Interactive Patient Education Videos With Zingit

Attention doctors, consider the benefits and send patients videos:

• Testimonials. Allow your prospective patients to hear from patients just like them!
• Meet the doctor. Build rapport with a prospective patient before they step foot in your practice.
• Birthday and holiday greetings. An email with a happy birthday message is now standard and many may even consider it junk. Get creative with a video message from your practice!

Learn more about these videos, as well as information on how to send the video to patients. 

Years ago, creating and sending patient videos was a huge, expensive project. Now, though, you can create high-quality content using just your phone. It won’t have the edited, polished feel of a highly produced video, but we prefer the casual, authentic feel of a home-created video. Here are a few tips we’ve gathered to get your practice started so you can create and send video to patients.


Choose a spot in your office where you can film patient facing videos on the fly! This way if a patient is present and agrees to offer a testimonial, you can set them up, record, and have new content in minutes. Choose a quiet location that is front-lit with a nice background—book shelves, a plant, or a nice paint color. A comfortable chair that allows for good posture is always best, as it keeps the subject steady in the frame of the camera.

Send The Birthday Greeting Video To Patients.


A few things you will want around for filming:
• A nice smartphone. The audio and camera on a new smartphone will be perfect at capturing high quality videos for web use.
• A stand. You’ll want to keep the camera steady, and several inexpensive stands are available that can easily be set up to hold the phone while filming. A search for “phone tripod” on Amazon will do the trick!

Speaker tips.

Remind the subject of the video that the most important thing to do is be yourself! Comfort level will translate on the video, so the subject should just relax and have fun. Another important speaker tip is to make sure to think slow, loud, and clear. A lot of people tend to rush—instead of thinking of the video being filmed, encourage the speaker to talk as if they were talking to a friend.

Filming tips.

• Horizontal. Take a horizontal shot, as video on Youtube uses a horizontal frame.
• Say cheese. Begin filming by having the speaker smile for a few seconds. This will allow you to have a few good options for the still shot that shows before the video plays.
• Take 1! The first or second take will likely be the best—after that it may start to feel rehearsed.

Benefits Of Using Videos at Your Medical Practice

Technical setup.

• A Youtube brand account. Set up a brand account on Youtube where you can upload your completed videos. A brand account allows multiple people to access and manage videos that are uploaded.
• Zingit software. Once your videos are created, you’ll want send the videos to your patients. Consider broadcasting them to your patients and prospective patients the best way possible—via text messaging. That’s where we come in! Zingit‘s software allows you to send patients video via text using SMS software, offering a beautifully formatted message with the ultimate in deliverability.

Once you have signed on with Zingit, we have incredible onboarding team members and guides to help you and your practice get started filming great content to send video to patients. We can help you with best practice tips on filming all of our recommended video types, as well as instructions on how to get your Youtube brand account set up and running.

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