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How to Improve Patient Scheduling

Nobody has to tell you that day-to-day tasks like scheduling, rescheduling no-shows, and sending appointment reminders are major time wasters for practice staff. Especially with today’s technology and statistics showing that 85% of all Americans have a smartphone — there’s a much easier way.

So, how do you schedule patient appointments effectively to create a better experience for both patients and staff? You need a proper system to free up time for your team, improve the patient experience, and keep your practice’s schedule full.

This article will cover everything you need to know about improving patient scheduling in order to drive practice success. We’ll explain how in detail below!

1. Implement Online Appointment Booking Services

Studies show that 52 percent of practices spend at least 10 hours per week on patient scheduling and confirmation of appointments, as well as responding to patient calls and emails. Is your practice one of them?

The truth is, those hours could be going to more important things like improving the patient experience in-person and spending more time on marketing efforts to attract new clients.

Zingit’s patient self-scheduling software allows for streamlined online appointment booking through your practice’s website 24/7. No matter the time — day or night — patients can easily request an available appointment time. This allows your staff to follow up with them during office hours and confirm the appointment, automatically cutting down on the back-and-forth with patients.

2. Send Automatic Appointment Reminders

In addition to improving patient scheduling, Zingit’s automatic appointment reminders can free up a lot of your team’s time as well. Not only that, but you’ll also see a reduction in patient no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

The truth is, the majority of patients these days don’t want to receive phone calls from your office. Many people let unknown numbers go to voicemail anyway. Incorporating these simple automated confirmation text messages shows your patients that you’re attentive to their needs, which will only increase client satisfaction and loyalty.

Each patient will receive an automatic appointment reminder text message before their visit, which then gives them the chance to confirm or reschedule. This gives your staff sufficient notice of cancelations so they can give the appointment to another patient if need be. This is the best way to optimize your calendar and keep your schedule full by ensuring there are no gaps between appointments.

 3. Send Broadcast Text Messages

Another incredible benefit of using Zingit’s practice management software is the ability to send broadcast text messages to groups of patients when needed.

Are you wondering how this is related to improving patient scheduling? Let’s say, for example, there is major construction in the area surrounding your practice. By sending out a broadcast message to your patients for the day, you can give them a heads up asking them to allow for a bit of extra travel time.

This simple yet effective touch can help patients show up on time and keep your schedule on track. You can use the same broadcast feature anytime you need to notify multiple patients at once. Your staff will thank you for saving them time and energy.

Let Zingit Automate Your Daily Scheduling Tasks

Are you tired of spending countless hours communicating with patients and wasting time managing your practice’s schedule? Then let Zingit’s cost-effective patient appointment software take care of that for you.

Book your free demo today to discover the luxury of automating day-to-day scheduling tasks, so you can focus on what matters — your patients.

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