How it Works

Ready to supercharge your practice growth? Zingit automates and scales your practice, getting new patients in the door and keeping them coming back.


Patient Reviews and Local SEO

The average Zingit client gets 23 new reviews in the first month, improving your online reputation and positioning your practice as your area’s premier provider in Google search results. Our platform also helps you manage your online reputation, clean up business directory listings, and respond to online reviews.

  • Generate 10x as many patient reviews
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Clean up business directory listings and citations
  • Google, Facebook, Apple Maps, and more
  • Respond to and stream positive reviews


We put an easy-to-use webchat on every page of your website that launches a text conversation when a visitor interacts with it, making it easy for your staff to get their contact information and book more appointments.

  • Engage website visitors faster
  • Book more appointments
  • Offer patients the ability to quickly book or reschedule
  • Auto-responders available for after hours
Reviews On Average In First Month

Online Scheduling

With Zingit, your patients can schedule their appointments right on your website. Our online scheduling feature is easy for patients to use, customizable to match your practice, and on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — so your schedule stays full.

  • Book appointments 24/7
  • Easily embeds on your website
  • Customizable to match your practice


Automated Appointment Reminders

Eliminating no-shows begins with proactive appointment reminders. Our text-first system automatically sends your patients appointment reminders via text message, saving your staff upwards of 15 hours per month. Your patients will thank you, and you’ll increase show rates to well over 90%.

  • Save upwards of 15 hours per month
  • Increase show rates over 90%

Patient Education

Before an appointment, send patients automated educational content, giving them more information about your practice, their treatment plan, and even video testimonials from other satisfied patients.

  • Send video content
  • Improve the patient experience


SMART Campaigns

Grow your practice on auto-pilot with Zingit’s A.I.-enhanced SMART campaigns. These campaigns automatically send appointment reminders, patient recalls, pre-appointment content, video birthday messages, and patient education. They’re 100% customizable and proven to drive patient response and engagement.

  • 100% customizable
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Proven to drive patient activity
  • Perfect for recall, reactivation, and more
  • Video content delivery
Two-Way Texting

Zingit’s two-way texting capability makes it easy for your staff to answer quick questions and handle last-minute patient requests. Whether you want to send text messages from your practice’s phone number, another local number, or a short code, you can do it with Zingit.

  • Answer patient questions
  • Respond to patient requests
Broadcast and Group Texting

Need to get a message to all your patients quickly? With Zingit’s broadcast and group texting feature, it’s easy. Quickly send important announcements, like weather-related closings and relays, to all your patients at once.

  • Reach all your patients at once
  • Simplify staff workloads
  • Use your practice phone number
  • Unlimited audiences
  • Completely customizable content
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EHR Integrations

Integrate With Your EHR

With more than 150 EHR integrations (and counting), Zingit safely leverages your data to programmatically communicate with your patients, saving your office staff at least 15 hours of work every month.​