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Driving Patient Engagement for Better Practice Efficiency and Satisfaction

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Revolutionizing The Way You Communicate With Your Patients

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Patient Engagement

Zingit Solutions provides the right tools to modernize the way healthcare providers are engaging their patients. We understand that people just don’t answer the phones the way they used to. Experience communication the way your patients communicate with friends and family today. Contact Zingit Solutions today for an online demonstration to show you how we will revolutionize patient relationships and optimize the patient experience, all from your front desk computer.


Manage Active & Dormant Patients

There are few key factors involved in keeping patients loyal and active. They need personally connected relationships, enjoyable patient experiences, and continuously positive outcomes.  Zingit Solutions addresses every aspect of patient retention with features like automated appointment reminders, patient follow ups and many more. Our easy-to-use tools for targeted patient outreach ensure that you to keep satisfied, engaged, healthy patients – every one of them!


Patient Education & Reviews

As the care provider for your patients, you are their best resource for education and reliable information on topics pertaining to their health. The time between patient appointments, your patients are often disengaged from their health because valuable, trustworthy information isn’t easy to find. We have a simple solution for this as well as allowing your patients to give you important feedback regarding their office visits. Contact us today for a demo info@zingitsolutions.com  866-587-5572

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Zingit Solutions Platform

The Zingit Solutions platform is a web based solution to help you establish and maintain loyal, satisfied patients. We will tailor the platform to fit your office and your needs, ultimately enhancing your doctor-patient relationship. Not only can you optimize that patient experience, you will optimize the efficiency of your practice by allowing your staff to focus on more important things like the patients that are already in your office.

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