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Make Handling Missed Appointments a Breeze with Automation

Make Handling Missed Appointments a Breeze with Automation

Nobody has to tell you that missed appointments are a huge time and money waster for a private practice. 

Unfortunately, no-call, no-shows happen every single day, and when a patient misses an appointment, the front office staff then has to try to reach the patient via phone (and hope they answer), then figure out another appointment time, reschedule, and possibly repeat the process over again. It can take up hours of the valuable time your staff could be performing other duties. 

But there’s a better way: automation.

Many of us are so used to using simple automation in our everyday lives that we don’t even think about it. (Think about setting your coffee pot to brew first thing in the morning or setting a bill to auto-pay.)

Zingit’s smart automations work in the same way, reducing the monotony of spending hours of time every week calling patients to remind them about appointments or rescheduling missed appointments.

Our solution for automating routine (and time-consuming) tasks makes it easy to improve your patient communication and the patient experience.

Ease the Pain of Missed Appointments with Simple Automation Tools

Automation is becoming a must-have feature in the office, especially in independent private practices. When you utilize automated appointment reminders and confirmation text messages, you can reduce the number of missed appointments and make sure there aren’t scheduling gaps in your calendar. 

When you set up automated appointment reminders, you are giving your patients an extra touch of personalized care. These small touches make a huge difference for your patient’s loyalty and satisfaction with your office. 

Easy to Set Up and Easy to Use 

With Zingit, we make automation easy! 

Just set your preferences and forms of communication with your customers and let us do the rest! With online scheduling, appointment reminders, and confirmations, you will reduce the amount of missed appointments as well increasing the window of time to reschedule canceled appointments by confirming. 

When you set up automated reminders, you’ll reduce no-shows by up to 90%! This saves your office up to 15 hours per week on average. And your patients will appreciate the proactive care and reminders for appointments! 

Automation is a Must-Have for Routine Tasks

Don’t be afraid of a little automation in your office! It’s not here to reduce the need for human work, it’s just a tool that we can utilize to save time doing routine tasks. This frees up your staff for higher-level tasks like making your patients’ experiences better when they visit. 

Reduce monotony and increase creativity in your practice and watch your staff flourish. This tool is not only a great way to reduce missed appointments which will save you time and money. It also reduces the amount of monotonous (and time-consuming) tasks which will increase your staff’s productivity and initiative.

If your staff feels that they are making real changes and getting time back on their side, they will be more satisfied as well. 

It’s a win/win! 

Make your customers and your staff happier with Zingit automation solutions for your practice. We are available to answer your questions, schedule a demo to see how Zingit can work for you.

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