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Study Shows Baby Boomers and Millennials Love Their Smartphones Equally

Communicate With Millennials and Baby Boomers Through Texting

You might assume that the younger the generation, the more they love their smartphones. But a recent study by Provision Living, a senior living community, took a close look at how Millennials and Baby Boomers use smartphones, comparing time spent and how the younger and older generation use their smartphones. Their findings are striking—both in how much we have become universally hooked to our phones, and in how similar smartphone use is across all generations.

The study surveyed 1,000 people from each generation to get an overall feel for how much smartphones have changed the way we communicate.

A few of the most interesting facts:

  • Millennials did outpace Baby Boomers in average use per day, although not by much. Millennials reported 5.7 average hours, and Baby Boomers came in at an average of 5 hours a day.
  • 90% sleep with their phone within an arm’s reach
  • 60% use the phone as their primary Internet device
  • For both groups, time spent texting outpaced time spent talking on the phone. Millennials averaged 48 minutes a day texting and 41 minutes on the phone. Boomers averaged 30 minutes a day texting and only 24 minutes on the phone.
  • When you include Messenger as a factor, Boomers actually communicate using written messages more than Millennials. While Millennials spend 48 minutes texting (and Messenger isn’t even a factor in average screen time), Boomers spend 30 Texting and 32 on Messenger, for a combined 62 minutes a day communicating via written messages.
  • If you want to reach Millennials via Mail, forget it. It doesn’t even make an appearance on their screen time average list.

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While time spent on smartphones takes a huge part of the day and people acknowledge the problem—94% of respondents believe smartphone addiction is real—it likely won’t be changing anytime soon. 2 out of 3 respondents said they have no plans to cut back on phone time.

If you run a healthcare practice and what to reach patients where they are, it’s time to get a good, engaging communications plan in place that puts you right at your patients’ fingertips. It’s clear from this survey that a solid text-based communications platform and plan will help you to reach all patients, regardless of generation. Consider taking advantage of Zingit, a communications platform that works with your existing practice management software to put a robust suite of communications tools and best practices in place for your practice.

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