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Automate Patient Appointment Reminders Using Text, Watch Your No-Show Rate Drop Immediately!

Zingit Solutions is the most intelligent 2-way texting and patient engagement system available. Improve schedule adherence and front-desk productivity!

Zingit Appointment Reminders

2-Way Text & Engagement

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Cloud Backup

Internet or Server disruptions don't prevent Zingit Appointment Reminders from sending

Platform integration

Our Z2 Technology has the most advanced PMS / EHR Integrations Available

Custom Appointment Filters

Unique messages & content delivered to different appointment types

Flexible Reminder Schedules

Day before, 2-hours before, multiple reminders, whatever you want!

Font Desk Efficiency

Automating reminders saves on average 20 hours per week!

Automating Appointment Reminders is Important. What's Next?

Zingit is a complete patient engagement platform. Automating reminders is step #1, but there’s a lot more that we can do to increase revenue and productivity for your practice.¬† Request a demo to learn more or, visit the links below.


Growing your review volume can increase your presence on Google and other search engines. 84% of patients look at reviews before committing to care. . Automating reviews is critical to your business! Learn more.

Patient Conversion With Video

Over 80% of videos delivered to patients via text are watched. Delivering video at the right time, in the right place can drastically increase your patient conversion. Learn more.

Patient retention

You've worked hard to attract new patients and have them commit to care. Automated texts are one of the best way to retain them! Learn more.

patient reactivation

It's unfortunate but it happens, patients drop out of care plans. Automate the process of reactivating them and fill your calendar! Learn more.


You've got patients visiting your site, make it easy for them to schedule an appointment! Our scheduling tool makes scheduling easy and automatically enrolls patients in the 2-way messaging. Helps fill your calendar and increases front-desk productivity. Learn more

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