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TIps To Use Mobile for Your Practice’s Dinner Event Promotion

Promote Your Practice’s Dinner Event By Using Mobile

When your practice decides to host an informative dinner event—or any event at all—you want it to be well attended in order to boost effectiveness and bring more patients to your practice. Mobile marketing can be one of the best tools you have at your disposal to encourage event attendance and ultimately to convert more patients into your care. While you can’t send a mass text to people for dinner event promotion because of opt-in marketing rules, you can use text to engage those who sign up and help promote the event further between sign up and attendance, getting more people to actually show up on the day of your event.

Texts to send for dinner event promotion.

The following texts should be scheduled to send to people after they sign up for an event. The more you engage signup between registration and the time of the event, the more likely that person is to show up (and to help promote the event themselves!).

1. Confirm Registration.

Once someone has signed up for an event, they will feel at ease knowing the registration went through and that you are expecting them. In this text, you can include the date and time so they can easily add it to their calendar and are less likely to double-book or forget.

2. Encourage friend invites.

Everything is better with friends! Send a text encouraging them to think of someone else who might also enjoy the event. This might nudge them to think of someone else when the idea hadn’t crossed their minds. This way you transform attendees into ambassadors who can help you with the dinner event promotion.

3. Ask to confirm the number of attendees.

As the event approaches, a confirmation of how many attendees are in their group both reminds the person of the event again and allows you to get a sense of how many people are coming.

4. Remind about the event and offer event details.

The day before and the day of the dinner event, you can remind them it is coming up and offer event details, like the date, time, and location. You can ease their path to your event and be extra helpful by providing a Google map link to the location, as well as parking information or other important details.

5. Follow up after the event.

Once the event has happened, follow up and ask for a specific call to action. If your practice was hoping for appointments, send a link where they can easily take this next step. Or ask for a rating on how helpful they found the event so you know how to make adjustments for next time.

Text can be the ultimate driver of attendance at your event. Using text effectively allows you to do your best at dinner event promotion. If your practice regularly hosts events, it makes sense to automate the above process so that it is easy to hang on to those important attendees after registration. Consider a solution like Zingit, where you can easily tie a texting communications plan to any event, engaging everyone who signs up during the time between registration and attendance at the event with minimal time and effort.

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