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Combining the industry’s leading Chiropractic Software with the most powerful text-based patient engagement platform is almost an unfair advantage for today’s practices. 

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Chirotouch is one of the most popular chiropractic software systems available. The good news is that Zingit integrates directly with Chirotouch and can fully automate your practice growth and patient engagement. Zingit’s integration with Chirotouch allows for super simple, one-time setup and configuration of your campaigns. Don’t worry, our dedicated Onboarding Specialists do all of the heavy lifting for you! You’ll decide how frequent you want reminders to send out. Whether or not you want different reminders or message content for specific appointment types. Who you want to receive review requests, how long after their appointment and for how long. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Keep reading to learn why so many Chirotouch clients chose to launch Zingit on-top of the software.

Here’s a hint…Chirotouch plus Zingit is winningIf you are a Chirotouch user, you’re probably curious how Zingit integrates with the system, and why so many of our clients see value in adding the Zingit features on top of their existing practice management software. Here are some answers.

Reasons Why Chirotouch Users Also Use Zingit

Chirotouch is a powerful practice management software that also offers patient communication features that overlap with Zingit products. So why do clients choose to use Zingit patient engagement products instead of those included in their Chirotouch agreement? Simple…we are experts in the area of patient acquisition and engagement. Our features are built with laser-focus expertise and are not considered “add-on” features. Clients see compounded return when layering Zingit’s effective features on top of Chirotouch. We use the data you own, and automate most of the patient outreach that you would typically conduct via phone or email. Text has a 98% read-rate…it’s the preferred communication channel for today’s patients!

Zingit’s intelligent software is able to put the personal touch back in non-personal patient communications and helps 1,000’s of Chirotouch clients scale their practice.

In terms of support, no worries! Zingit clients enjoy FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT!

“I love what Zingit has been able to do for my practice. We went from 7 Google reviews to 65 in just 2 months! Everyday, I am getting patients online and my appointment volume is back above pre-COVID levels.”

– Dr. Susan

As a Chirotouch software user, you probably want to know what are the popular reasons to use Zingit.

Integration & Automation

Your patient and appointment data is a HUGE asset, an asset you own. Zingit’s direct integration with Chirotouch let’s you get even more out of that data. Our text automations help make informed decisions and determine the best content to deliver to your patients at the best possible time. Our patient engagement tools are not “add-ons” like with some other software providers. We have developed best in class point solutions that help 1,000’s of practices scale effectively.

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Lifetime Support

Zingit provides all our clients with lifetime support on active Zingit services. We have a dedicated and highly skilled team of support representatives, on-boarding managers and account managers. We are here to help answer questions, brainstorm applications of the software or customizations that would better help your practice, and much more. Some software companies charge you a monthly fee for the Support option. Enjoy FREE lifetime Support with Zingit Solutions.


Because Zingit is fully integrated with Chirotouch and because all campaigns are fully automated, customization is easy!!! Zingit can deliver customized text messages to each patient based upon the appointment type. Further, the customizations around delivery are enormous. Messages can be set to go out at various times of date both before and after interactions or events. Frequently offices build many custom SMART campaigns to support their various patient conversations or new patient marketing efforts.

A positive return on investment in <30 days

You read that right! In fact, there are several different ways our customers realize a return greater than their entire annual investment with Zingit. Here are just a few: time savings for your staff, massively improved show-rates, reactivated patients, improved Google rankings and increased new patients. Our Account Managers can use your practice metrics and provide an ROI estimate at any time, just give us a call.

Getting more online reviews

Many providers use email or spammy text methods to get online reviews. Zingit’s software leverages the data in your Chirotouch software to conduct patient feedback surveys, intelligently follow up, and secure more online reviews. On average Zingit clients enjoy 23+ Google reviews in their first month along with even more in Facebook and other popular online forums.

Reach patients faster with Broadcast Messaging

Zingit’s Broadcast Messaging allows you to reach all patients with one text. Yes, one text, all of your patients. In 2020, a vast demand for instant and effective patient communications has led to Zingit’s record utilization. Gone are the days of hoping your patients got the note. With Zingit and Chirotouch, you’ll know with 99% certainty they ‘got the memo.

Online scheduling

Looking to fill up the calendar 24/7, Zingit’s online scheduler presents potential patients with opening in your Chirotouch calendar. Patients can book open appointments online without ever talking to a person. Additionally, our webchat-to-text technology easily embeds on any website to help patient book appointments by text vs. calling or filling out antiquated webforms.

Convert more patients into care with Zingit’s web conversion toolkit.

Including web chat to text, online scheduling and streaming reviews. Chirotouch users are eligible to receive access to Zingit’s advanced web conversion toolkit. You’ve invested in Chirotouch and Zingit to grow, so when a new patient is ready to see you, we want to maximize the odds of them scheduling and visiting the office. Quickly embed our conversion toolkit and watch the powerful combo of streaming patient reviews, webchat-to-text, and online scheduling grow your practice faster.


Chirotouch practices Hear ‘Yes’ to care with Zingit’s pre-appointment content delivery including videos.

Depending on you practice type, you may consider sending videos prior to different appointments. For example, many Chirotouch software practices use Zingit’s customized SMART campaigns to deliver pre-appointment videos, forms, testimonials, and more before an initial appointment, report of findings and more. Combining video content with a patient’s thirst for text messaging is a powerful combination.

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Do you want to start using Zingit with Chirotouch?

If you’re a Chirotouch software user or considering Chirotouch, Zingit is ready to work with you to grow your practice. All Zingit clients gain access to our premier 2-way Inbox, designed to centralize patient communications. Then a Zingit practice communications expert will consult with you and configure your SMART campaigns to deliver the results you seek.

Ready to learn more about Chirotouch and Zingit?

When it comes to working with your data and Chirotouch software, Zingit has over a decade of experience driving results through our innovative and evolving patient engagement platform. No other company in the industry has more experience. If you’re ready to maximize your Chirotouch investment, take your practice to the next level with Zingit Solutions! Schedule your demo and we’ll enjoy learning about your practice and showing you how to maximize your opportunity.

"I've tried other platforms and they don't compare to Zingit. I wouldn't do business without it!"
Doctor Brandy Chapman
Dr. Brandy Chapman
Carolina Spine & Health

Zingit’s Patient Engagement Platform Includes:


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"If you aren’t using Zingit, you are losing appointments and patients. The ROI is incredible!"
Dr. Matt Paterna
Owner | Shoreline Chiropractic