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Susan J. Cosgrove DC

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Zingit Customer gets 57 Google Reviews in 2 Months, Returns to 100%+ Pre-Covid Appointment Volume
Dr. Susan Cosgrove - Satisfied Zingit Client

My practice reviews have gone from 8 to 65 in the 2 months since I started using Zingit. I couldn’t believe it!

Dr. Susan Cosgrove

Zingit Customer, Dr. Susan Cosgrove, Goes from 8 to 65 Practice Reviews in 2 Months

We love hearing from our happy practices, so we were thrilled to get a message from Dr. Susan Cosgrove about her practice reviews. She came to Zingit after a year-long contract with another vendor. She was unhappy with their price (higher than ours!) and their customer service. “When I call Zingit, I get a person on the phone immediately—the other company might call back within a few weeks,” she said when we spoke to her recently. She found the process of getting set up with Zingit easy—plug and go. “I didn’t have to do a thing,” said Dr. Cosgrove. In fact, she had a lot of great things to say about Zingit—and the results to back up her statements as well! We spoke with Dr. Cosgrove about her experience with Zingit and why she has found it to be “priceless.”

About Dr. Cosgrove’s Practice:

  • Practice offerings: Chiropractic, and a fair amount of Nutrition.
  • Location: Located in a small town of 8,000 in a small county of 100,000.
  • Practice size: I have one full time staff member, and I see 125-140 people a week.
  • Typical patient: The whole spectrum! Families, elderly patients, blue collar, white collar—whatever is here in town is who I work with.
  • Time established: I’ve been in practice 39 years. Unbelievable! It’s hard to even say that.

Why do online reviews matter to you?

Number one, the person next to me with the most reviews has one. So if you’re looking in Google—and that’s where a lot of our people come from, searching “Chiropractor near me” or “best area chiropractor,”—they will look at that and pick me because I’ve now got 65.
Also, it’s nice to remind people of their positive results. Chiropractic is interesting because when you take care of a problem for someone, after a few months they forget they had that problem. Zingit asks them for the review immediately, which helps them to leave a review at the right time and helps them keep those good results in the top of their mind. And, because we’ve been monitoring reviews, we cleared up a few misunderstandings by responding or reaching out.

Why were you interested in using Zingit?

It started out as a reminder service—it was taking a lot of time to remind people of their appointments the next day. This has taken a lot off of our plates. I was also interested in texting my patients, and in asking for referrals and testimonials. That has just been huge. The two of us—my assistant and I—we have so much going on and everything we can do to keep up with what we’re doing. If someone came in and said, “I’ve had a big win, I’ve got no more headaches,” without Zingit, I might say, “Tell me about it and write it down.” They aren’t going to do that! You’d need another person to pull a testimonial out of them. I don’t have time to follow up with that request. Now Zingit is requesting testimonials for me automatically—and getting them.

Which features do you and your staff like best?

I like that Zingit can pull numbers right off of my software. Also, it’s easy to send someone a message or respond to their messages back. I also appreciate that I could get my landline phone number set up to text—because if people don’t recognize a phone number they will send a “STOP” message without realizing it opts them out of all messages from you. It’s tedious to reconnect them once they send that, so having the landline number is a great solution. I also appreciate that Zingit is cheaper.

What are the best benefits of Zingit?

The number one is being able to call Zingit and talk to someone. I don’t have to leave a message and wait. And I’ve found that anyone I talk to at Zingit can handle whatever issue I have. That’s huge.

Have patients noticed a difference in your communication?

Patients definitely notice the difference. They are not getting slammed with messages—the previous company would send a ton of reminders—they’d send texts when they made an appointment, the week before, and an hour before—patients were inundated and a lot opted out because of it. Zingit is doing just the right amount of texting.

What would you say to any practices considering using Zingit?

Oh gosh, it’s priceless. You’re getting a full time employee for about what it would cost to pay someone for half a week. Truly. You’re getting a 35 hour employee and you are only paying a few hundred dollars—plus no employment benefits to cover, no vacations, no sick days. Zingit is time saving, money saving—plus, the number of patients writing reviews is astonishing.
People aren’t likely to go leave a positive review on their own without an ask—instead, if you don’t like something you tell 25 people, and if you do you tell one. Before we started with Zingit, we had maybe 8 positive reviews. Now because of Zingit’s asks, we have 65 in two months—two months. When I saw my Google listing, I thought, “Wow! That’s a short time to have had the kind of results I’ve had!” And the best news is, it is automatic. I don’t even know what they send out! I was just beyond delighted.

Thank you, Dr. Cosgrove, for your kind words and enthusiasm. We’re so glad you are so thrilled with Zingit.

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In 2 months, we had over 75 responses to our automatically sent recall messages and are back at 100% pre-COVID appointment volume. It was the perfect time to start Zingit!

Dr. Susan Cosgrove

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"If you aren’t using Zingit, you are losing appointments and patients. The ROI is incredible!"
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