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Practice Averages 1+ New Google Review Per Day with Zingit’s Reputation Pro

Zingit has saved mental energy and stress on staff, which in turn will provide a better experience to our patients and allow staff to be more productive and provide better service in other areas

Atlas Chiropractic, established in 1983, started using Zingit in 2018 to offer patients text communication. “In today’s communication climate, patients want to text more than actually physically talk to someone on the phone,” said Dr. Paxton Schofield of Atlas Chiropractic. So the practice saw the need to meet the communication wants and needs of patients. “We were looking for it to be easier for patients to go through the communication routes they were looking for today, like requesting appointments on the website, chatting on the website, allowing our officce number to receive and send texts,” said Schofield. “Zingit allows you to communicate with patients the way they want to communicate with you.” And as a bonus, it has helped them to adapt to the new regulations and restrictions that are in place during COVID-19. Atlas has a small physical space in the lobby, so in order to keep the numbers of people down in the waiting room, comply with social distancing measures, and minimize interaction between patients, Atlas Chiropractic has implemented parking lot text arrival check ins. Aside from general text communication, Atlas Chiropractic puts heavy importance on the benefits of Filtered Appointment Reminders and Reputation Management offered through Zingit.

Filtered Appointment Reminders

Patients have noticed this difference. They have expressed appreciation for being able to text and the appointment reminders. Because some patients visit chiropractic offices more frequently than in other medical fields, Zingit’s filters prevent patients who have multiple appointments in a week from getting bombarded with reminders. Atlas uses Zingit’s filter feature, so that patients receive an appropriate number of reminders at just the right time before their appointment. “People rely on this to remind them in today’s busy world,” said Schofield. “It’s important to have something, because it’s hard for patients to have the mental energy to remember on their own.” And again, during the shut downs and stay at home orders, appointment reminders were an easy, automated way for Atlas Chiropractic to let patients know that they were still open.

Amping Up Google Reviews

This family owned chiropractic office has a staffof around 5-6 people. While they were aware of the benefits of reviews in separating a practice from the competition, the process of requesting reviews was taking away from staff time that would be better spent in other areas. They found that getting Google reviews by requesting it from patients worked—somewhat. However, aside from the staff time and effort, some long-standing happy patients would go home and forget, never leaving a review. Prior to upgrading to Zingit’s Reputation Pro, staff would use a handout—a 5” x 5” sheet that gave instructions for patients on how to leave a review. “It was a lot of work and energy to provide motivation and directions on how to leave a review,” said Dr. Schofield. “Zingit’s Reputation Pro has been much easier. This way is more automated—and we have far less energy loss.”
Zingit’s automated review requests do the job without the staff energy. Atlas Chiropractic staff has thus been able to increase productivity in other areas and focus on providing patients a better experience. Once they started using Reputation Pro, they received 45 reviews in 42 days. And several reviews were from patients who had been asked several times over the years. Zingit’s automated system would text the patient, and with the link
immediately available, the patients responded. “The biggest thing was established patients who never had left a review, even though we’d ask, are now leaving reviews,” said Schofield.
Atlas Chiropractic also takes advantage of the Reputation Pro’s ability to read reviews that come in. They easily promote positive reviews, and can reach out to patients who leave negative reviews, which helps them clear up misunderstandings and improve the overall experience for patients.
“The top benefit for us right now is the increase of consistent reviews, the automation of the review requests, and the patients who are following through because the process is easier,” said Schofield. “Zingit will save you time and energy, help boost your online reviews and your social proof—in today’s world, this is a massive benefit, because everyone is looking online at reviews.”

“Zingit will save you time and energy, help boost your online reviews and your social proof—in today’s world, this is a massive benefit, because everyone is looking online at reviews. Thank you, Zingit!”


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At Atlas Chiropractic, we received 45 reviews in 42 days!

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