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Choosing the Best Chiropractic Software for Your Practice

Best chiropractic software for your practice

Choosing the Best Chiropractic Software for Your Practice

Chiropractic software is a big investment, and not just financially. When you are searching for the best chiropractic software, you are deciding how records will be kept, how your calendar will be organized, how billing will work, and how much time your staff will spend managing it all. In addition, you are choosing how much you need the PMS to do for you—a robust platform will save you time and go above and beyond by helping to grow your practice.

With that much at stake when you are selecting practice management software, it’s important to weigh your options. You’ve likely heard of the major Chiropractic Software options: ChiroTouch, ECLIPSE, Platinum, Genesis, PayDC, EZBis, etc. Below are top questions and considerations when searching for the best chiropractic software for your practice.

What to Ask When Finding the Best Chiropractic Software

1. Compare all options.

Dynamic Chiropractic has put together a “Face Off” to compare the leading Chiropractic software. If you are unsure where to begin, this list provides an excellent brief overview that can give you a general idea of what is best about each option. You can also check out product reviews—we found this excellent source of reviews at Capterra, a software review site.

2. Price.

Each chiropractic software has its own model for pricing. In some cases, you are paying a monthly subscription—which is excellent for having the chance to try a product without a huge financial commitment. Some charge based on features you plan to use, which works well if you have very specific needs or want to only pay for what you use. And with some you are offered full licensing rights—pay a larger one-time fee.

3. Interface and ease of use.

The best PMS’s are easy to use, saving your staff time. It’s an excellent idea to read up on the interface and understand if it will be intuitive and easy for you to implement all of the features the software includes.

4. Features and integrations.

What features does the software offer? How complex are the billing/insurance/credit card features? How do appointments work? Will it work for your small practice, or your multisystem and location practice? What technology does your office need for the platform to work? And it’s also worthwhile to consider integrations—can a platform like Zingit integrate with the PMS and help turbocharge your practice? (In most cases, for Zingit, the answer is yes!)

5. Training and customer service.

It’s important to understand how to use and get the best out of your PMS—so it’s worth finding out if and how your team will be trained to use the software. Also, how do you contact customer service with questions or issues? You are a DC, and not an IT person, so it’s important to know what will happen when you need expert help. This is a question you could ask of other chiropractors in your peer groups and you will certainly hear if customer service is good or bad.

Then, once you’ve selected your software, use Zingit to put the software to the best use! Zingit integrates with your software so you can make all of your communication SMART:

  • Create powerful appointment reminders that connect with your calendar to reduce no shows
  • Automate reactivations and recalls
  • Customize and tailor campaigns to be driven based on data
  • Make your PMS data, social sites, reviews, website, and ad campaigns work together
  • Convert new patients with perfectly timed messages
  • And more!

Zingit has experience working with Chiropractic PMS systems—our platform integrates with the most popular chiropractic software to use the information to communicate automatically and seamlessly with your patients, keeping your calendar full and helping you to grow your practice. Want to hear what our customers are saying? Check out real Zingit customer reviews. If you wonder about the best chiropractic software, we’d be happy to discuss your goals and offer tips and advice on choosing a software system that meets your needs, as well as how we can help implement a brand new patient engagement program to grow your practice. Contact us today!

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