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4 Ways to Attract New Patients to Your Practice

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4 Ways to Attract New Patients to Your Practice

When you consider getting your practice ready to text your patients, you are likely thinking of amping up your communications to today’s mobile environment, reaching patients where they are at in 2020. But what you might not know is that your new text communications platform could end up helping you attract new patients to your practice, convert them into existing patients, and grow your practice—using automated tools that also save your staff time and improve your bottom line. 

Below are 4 ways Zingit’s communications platform helps practices attract new patients: 

Amping up online reviews.

We are now a review-obsessed society. Even if friends and family make a recommendation, we look online at reviews to confirm the opinion. In fact, according to the 2018 BrightLocal survey, consumers read an average of 10 reviews before trusting a local business. And 40% of consumers only take into account reviews written within the past 2 weeks, up from 18% the prior year. So reviews—including recent online reviews—are more important now than ever. But anyone who has asked happy patients to leave reviews likely knows the results—they go home and forget about it. And making personal requests via email or other methods takes time. 

Zingit’s platform automates the process. Because Zingit is integrated with your PMS, the platform is able to send online review requests at a perfectly timed interval after a patient’s appointment. Patients are asked to give you a star rating, and those that rate you highly are sent a request with a direct link to leave a review on popular platforms like Google or Yelp. A Zingit Chiropractic practice customer, Bloomington Wellness Center, increased their reviews in the first 6 weeks from around 50-55 (prior to Zingit) to 125—that’s an additional 66 reviews in less than 2 months! And the automated process of requesting reviews continues, so reviews are constantly growing and recent. The online reviews alone will get the process started and attract new patients to your practice! 

Excellent online communications.

Imagine a patient who finds you thanks to your newly acquired excellent online review status. The first thing they do is learn more about you by checking out your website. Your goal should be to tell your story there in an excellent way—and make it easy for the patient to take the next step. Zingit offers two tools that lead into and help you secure those appointments immediately. 

Chat to text.

Potential patients may not be ready to schedule an appointment because of a question. But increasingly, people are reluctant to pick up their phone to make calls. Zingit offers a tool for your website that allows people to “chat to text.” The online chat tool requests their phone number and their question. Your practice can then reply, and your reply launches a text conversation with that potential patient. This allows you to converse with them immediately, while they are in the process of considering your practice. During that conversation, you can then guide them to the next step…an easy way to make an appointment…

Easy online scheduling.

Let’s face it. Making appointments over a phone conversation is the pits. Your staff spends a lot of time waiting for someone to look at their calendar, and both sides of the conversation go back and forth with dates and times until one works. It makes way more sense for a patient to make an appointment online, where a patient can see your availability in real time and make a decision. Zingit offers an online scheduling tool to save your patients the inconvenience and your staff time! These tools all work together to lead a new patient to your practice, but there is even more!

Ease the path to your practice.

Now that appointment is scheduled. You want the patient to have the easiest, smoothest path to get them to that first appointment. Excellent automated communication can eliminate unnecessary barriers to help get them to your door.

Appointment reminders.

The appointment reminders that come with your PMS do not suffice. You want robust capabilities for your appointment reminders that allow you filter reminders by appointment type. If you are a Chiropractic practice, a patient who visits 3 times a week doesn’t require the same amount of reminders as a patient who is visiting you once for the first time… You also want to create reminders that work with your policies—if you have a 24 hour cancellation policy, shouldn’t a reminder be sent ahead of that time to give patients ample time to adjust? Zingit’s filtered, smart reminders will keep patients happy, reduce no shows, and keep your calendar full.

Map and pre-appointment forms.

When a patient is new to your practice, certain information sent ahead of time can give them an excellent early experience. Zingit’s platform can send a map that will like to directions to your practice ahead of a first appointment so patients can get guidance with one click in a text. And pre-appointment forms sent ahead of time will help make the first impression smooth and seamless.

Meet the doc video.

Zingit has the ability to send a link to a video via text. Our customers take advantage of the tool to establish a rapport with the doctor before a patient even steps foot into your practice. You can use a smartphone to film a short “meet the doctor” video where you explain what to expect at the first visit. Zingit sends this video out with a rich media text that links them to the video when they hit play. This video provides a level of comfort that will help make their first visit a great one!

Encourage repeat appointments.

Once patients have completed their first visit, Zingit helps to keep your practice top of mind with friendly, personal communication that encourages another visit. After care communication might include review requests, reminders to set up an appointment, or information necessary between Day 1 and Report of Findings visits. And all of it is automated, getting a conversation going that your practice can then continue! 

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