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5 Ways Doctors and Office Managers Make Text Messaging a Powerful Practice Tool

Text Messaging for Doctors and Office Managers

Ready to learn 5 Ways Doctors and Office Managers use Text Messaging to Power Practice Growth?

Text messaging has become a primary communication tool for your patients—so it’s time for practices to adopt the technology. But we don’t mean simply adding it as another mode of communication in addition to phone and email. Doctors and office managers use text messaging in their practices as an extremely powerful tool that can grow a practice and increase profits. If you haven’t used text messaging already (aside from the simple appointment reminders you might be using through your PMS), you may wonder—how are doctors and office managers using text messaging in practices? How could text messaging possibly increase your practice’s bottom line?

Here’s your chance to see text messaging for the powerful tool it has become—adopt these techniques and watch your calendar fill and your practice grow!

1. Text Messaging as a Review-Gathering Machine

You can ask and ask your regular patients to leave reviews, but unless you make it as easy as possible, once patients leave your practice it will be out of sight, out of mind. So put your request for a review where they will see it and carry it with them—right in their text message feed.

How it works: Zingit sends the request automatically, shortly after their appointment while you are top of mind. Your review request will be in their pocket or purse, and with one click they can rate you 5 stars. Zingit then sends a convenient link where your patients can click to leave a review on the most popular and important sites, like Google, Facebook, or Yelp.

Bottom line: Doctors and office managers are using text messaging to request and receive reviews, attracting new patients with a steady stream of reviews.

Text Messaging for Doctors

2. Fill Your Calendar

Your goal as a business is to maximize profit, and the best way to do that is to fill your calendar. How exactly are practices using text messaging to achieve that goal? Reviews mentioned above are one way, but text can also be put to use to recall dormant patients, to ease the path into your practice for any new patients, and to keep the patients coming back for more.

How it works: Forget having your staff dig through your PMS to discover and contact dormant patients. Zingit automatically sends a text to patients who have not come into the practice for a certain interval, reminding them and encouraging them to schedule an appointment. And text messaging can also be used for new patients searching for a practice—offer them webchat to text on your website, where they can ask a question the moment they are thinking of it and your staff can reply via text, keeping them engaged. Zingit’s platform also includes an online scheduling widget for your website, where patients can request an appointment on a calendar that you control. Easy appointment scheduling leads to more appointments!

Bottom line: Automatic texts for recalls and Zingit’s web conversion toolkit work to bridge the gap between the patient and the appointment they want to schedule, filling your calendar like never before.

3. Text Messaging to Convert New Patients

Your marketing, reviews, and text message platform worked hard to get that new patient on the calendar. Now it’s time to put text messaging to use to make that new patient experience a great one, converting a new patient into a regular.

How it works: Once a new patient schedules an appointment, automatic messages make the appointment as convenient and comfortable as possible. Text messages are automatically sent that include a map to your location, reminders, and important pre-appointment info. Doctors and office managers are using text engagement to send a “Meet the Doc” video to build rapport with the doctor before a patient even steps foot into the practice. Followup texts with testimonial videos keep them coming back for more!

Bottom line: Text messaging can be used to connect with patients and make their experience comfortable and excellent, driving up conversions and growing your practice.

4. Reduce No Shows

Life is busy, and text appointment reminders will help patients show up. Now, we know what you are going to say: “My PMS already sends appointment reminders.” But those appointment reminders don’t compare to those offered on Zingit’s text messaging platform.

How it works: Zingit’s automated appointment reminder texts are filtered based on appointment type. If you are a chiropractic and have patients visiting 3 times a week, their appointment reminders will be less frequent than a patient who has one appointment monthly. Appointment reminders also are perfectly timed to coordinate with your cancellation policy. Also, Zingit reminders allow patients to respond—so your staff can work with a patient to reschedule or push an appointment back if necessary, reducing frustration, saving staff time tied up on the phone, and helping the patients to show up when you expect them.

Bottom line: Robust appointment reminders and immediate 2-way communication via texting will help appointments on the calendar to transform reliably into filled and completed (billable!) visits.

5. Text Messaging as an Automated Staff Member

You may have noticed one theme repeated above in every point: “automated.” Your staff members are busy. Text messaging reduces staff time on the phone and automates processes that lead to a full calendar of appointments.

How it works: As demonstrated above, automated text messaging can generate reviews, convert new patients, recall dormant patients, reduce no shows, and more. Automated text messages are sent at the perfect time to achieve the desired result. Your staff members no longer have to spend unnecessary time on the phone. Instead, they can focus on care and manage any responses that come from automated texts using Zingit’s convenient dashboard, which allows staff to easily carry on two-way conversations with patients when necessary. Doctors and office managers report that, on average, Zingit saves them 15 hours of staff time per week.

Bottom line: Zingit’s automated text messaging works hard to fill your calendar, so your staff can focus on providing excellent care and communication to patients.

Tech Takeaway.

Texting is more than just one more way to communicate with patients. Zingit’s text messaging platform puts text messaging to use as a tool to bring in new patients, amp up reviews, fill your calendar, and save staff time—ultimately increasing your profits. Make text messaging your most powerful tool for practice growth in 2021.

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