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5 Texts That Get New Patients into Your Practice

Your practice needs a constant stream of new patients to continue growing, but the more patients you have, the more time-consuming it can be to stay in touch with them and keep them engaged.

At Zingit, our clients are leveraging automated text messages to get new patients in the door and scale communication as their practice grows. 

Our automated texts are much more powerful and effective than the simple, one-dimensional appointment reminders your practice management software (PMS) may offer. Below, we’ve outlined a few examples of automated text messages that Zingit clients use to help new patients find them online, schedule an appointment, and engage them along their patient journey.

Here are the 5 texts that will help you engage existing patients, get new patients, and scale your practice.

“How Was Your Experience?”

Your existing patients are your best salespeople, and getting them engaged is key to getting new patients and growing your practice. A simple text message that asks for their feedback and prompts them to leave an online review can have a massive impact.

After an appointment, Zingit automatically sends a text, based on the appointment type, asking for a 1-5 rating. If your patient is happy and satisfied with their appointment and gives you 4 or 5 stars, Zingit automatically routes them to an opportunity to write a review. 

On the other hand, if your patient responds with 1-3 stars, indicating that they are unhappy or unsatisfied, Zingit also automatically asks your patients for feedback, giving your staff the opportunity to solve the problem.

This kind of follow-up text message is a simple, straightforward, and cost-effective way to help you get more online reviews and get more new patients.

“Have a Question?”

Here’s another simple automated text message that can drive real results: “Have a question?”

What makes this message so powerful is that you can customize it for a variety of situations, including before or after an appointment.

Before an appointment, this text message could surface questions like:

  • What’s your cancellation policy?
  • How can I reschedule?
  • Will I have to pay a co-pay?
  • What’s my doctor’s name?

If a patient has a last-minute scheduling issue, your staff can handle it before they become a no-show.

Sending “Have a question?” after an appointment can be a good way to be sure patients know the date of their next appointment and how they can reschedule their appointment if something comes up.

“Your Appointment’s Coming Up!”

At first glance, “Your appointment’s coming up!” might look like the same kind of appointment reminder you can send with your PMS, but our clients can customize this basic appointment reminder with other helpful content, including pre-appointment information.

Many of our clients use the appointment reminder text to remind patients about the date and time of their appointment, the benefits of continuing with their treatment plan, and even video testimonials from other patients who have had the same treatment.

These customizable appointment reminder texts are an easy way to make existing patients’ experience better, and that’s an indirect way of getting new patients into your practice.

“Here’s How You Get to the Office”

Many of us rely on GPS, but sometimes it doesn’t give the clearest instructions. For some patients, simply getting to your office for the first time can be a stressful experience, and when they arrive, they’re tense and uneasy — not a great way to start an appointment.

With a quick text that explains how to get to your office — including where to park — you can help relieve that anxiety and make sure your patient has a positive experience even before the appointment begins.

“Meet Your Doctor”

People fear the unknown, and that’s why a “meet-your-doctor” text is so powerful.

Before their first appointment, new patients can feel uneasy about visiting a new practice and seeing a new doctor, but you can change that by simply introducing them to their doctor through a text message. 

For some Zingit clients, “meet-your-doctor” texts include a picture of the doctor, his or her credentials, and something fun the doctor likes to do when they’re not in the office. It seems so simple, but these types of texts help humanize the doctors and help patients put a face with a name. 

Other Zingit clients have even sent video introductions from the doctor, helping make a human connection before the first appointment.

We hope these 5 example text messages have inspired you to think outside your PMS and start growing your practice with smart automated text messages. 

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