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Sending the Right Message: 5 Texts That Engage Patients and Grow Your Practice

Does Your Mind Go Blank When It Comes to Texting Patients? Then Give These 5 Highly Effective Text Templates a Try for More Engagement

It’s clear to see how using text messages can help you grow your practice. The hard part is coming up with what those text messages should say. With that in mind, we’ve put together 5 highly effective text message examples that can help you engage your current patients and attract new ones.

1. Appointment Reminders

This is arguably one of the most powerful tools when it comes to growing your practice. Your team must get on board with sending appointment reminder text messages to minimize no-shows and gaps in your schedule. 

Try: “Hello [PATIENT NAME]. Just a friendly reminder from [BUSINESS NAME] about your appointment on [DATE] at [TIME]. [INSERT ANY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT INSTRUCTIONS]. Reply 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel, or respond here to reschedule.”

2. Follow-Up Appointment Reminders

Time flies. Without a text appointment reminder, patients are likely to forget their follow-up appointments, especially biannual or annual checkups. Sending a follow-up reminder notifies the patient that they’re due for their visit.

Try: “It’s that time again, [PATIENT NAME]. Don’t forget to schedule your annual checkup with [BUSINESS NAME] soon. Make an appointment at [ONLINE SCHEDULING LINK] or give us a call at [PHONE NUMBER].” 

3. Meet-Your-Doctor Texts

Your new patients will love this one. Sending a “meet-your-doctor” text helps reduce the feeling of anxiety in new patients. It’s much easier for somebody to show up to an appointment at an unfamiliar medical practice or speak with a new physician when they’ve already been introduced to their doctor.

Try sharing a photo, credentials, and a favorite pastime or fun fact about the doctor. This is simple, yet effective. For an even more personal touch, some practices even have the doctor pre-record a video to send it to each new patient. 

Try: “Hi [PATIENT NAME]. My name’s [DOCTOR’S NAME]. I thought I’d take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself before your appointment with me at [BUSINESS NAME]. I went to [UNIVERSITY] where I earned my [CREDENTIALS]. When I’m not in the office, I can usually be found [FAVORITE PASTIME]. See you on [DATE]!” 

4. Instructions on How to Get to the Office

Have you ever considered texting instructions on how to get to the office? This can be incredibly helpful for new patients for a variety of reasons. GPS isn’t always reliable and sending directions can go a long way in preventing patients from showing up to their appointment feeling stressed out. Plus, having the directions ahead of time helps patients show up on time.

Try: “Hello! To get to the [BUSINESS NAME], [INSERT DIRECTIONS]. You can find parking [INSERT PARKING INFO]. If you have any trouble finding us, please give us a call at [PHONE NUMBER].”

5. Ask for Feedback

How often do you ask patients to rate their recent visit? If you’re not already asking for feedback, then you should be. We recommend asking patients for a rating between 1-5. If a patient gives you a 4 or 5-star review, then you can send them a link to review your practice online. This provides incredible social proof, which will help you grow your practice faster than ever before. 

Try: “Hi [PATIENT’S NAME]. You recently had an appointment with [DOCTOR’S NAME]. We’d love to hear your feedback. How would you rate your recent visit with us out of 5 stars?”

It’s Time to Start Scaling Your Practice!

We hope you found these sample patient reminders helpful for texting patients. Remember, sending texting appointment reminders is HIPAA compliant as long as the texts don’t contain personal information and the patient opts in to receive the messages.

With that in mind, be sure to implement each of these examples into your practice to start seeing results right away. Better yet, have a patient engagement software like Zingit automate your patient scheduling process and text appointment reminders for you.

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