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3 Secrets To Increase Conversation & Bring New Patients Into Care

Learn How To Bring New Patients into Care

When you have the attention of a potential new patient, you want to start the relationship off right. And “relationship” is the right word here—your relationship with a patient begins the moment they are aware of you and considering care, before they have even set foot in your office. If they have taken that first big step of communicating with you, you want to reciprocate by communicating back with them in an engaging way, encouraging them to continue taking steps that will lead them to your care, and increase conversion for your practice. 

Ultimately the good care you provide is what will keep patients coming to your practice. That said, though, you’ve got to get them there in the first place! We’ve honed in on a few secrets that will help you increase conversion and bring new patients into care, walking that important line between their initial contact to their first visit as established patients. 

Have instant conversations.

Studies have shown that the sooner you reach back out to a person after their initial contact, the more likely you are to actually talk to them and keep the conversation going. In fact, an MIT study showed that if you reach out within 5 minutes of contact, you are 9 times more likely to talk to the person who contacted you. So when a patient comes to your website and completes a contact form, your goal should be to talk to them immediately. Often, contact forms that are completed online are sent via email to your staff, who then calls the person and leaves a voicemail because the prospective patient doesn’t recognize the number. This can lead to a vicious game of phone tag where you don’t ever get in touch with this interested person. Zingit’s solution? Connect your contact forms to a text account, so that the prospective patient gets a text immediately after filling out a form. Then, because Zingit offers two-way communication, when the person replies, your staff will get the text and be able to reply to it immediately. This opens the door for interested patients to become actual patients. 

Promote events and workshops.

When you host events or dinners as a way of promoting interest in your practice, the more people to attend, the better. So when someone expresses interest in your event, you want to do everything you can to get them to show up. You can’t promote the event using a mass text because of opt-in rules, but if someone registers for the event, you can use text to keep them engaged and make it more likely that they will attend the event. Texts can confirm registration, encourage them to invite friends, and remind them on the day of the event, offering event details to make it even easier and more likely for them to show up. Learn more about using text to promote your events and workshops.

Communicate throughout Day One and Day Two visits.

If you’ve succeeded in getting a new patient signed up for a first appointment, you can start engaging them immediately. 

Day One:

Put yourself in a new patient’s shoes—they have no idea what to expect, and you can help ease some of that anxiety by helping them imagine what the first visit will be like. Have your communications system welcome them to the practice, and even send a video that allows them to meet the doctor who can explain what to expect. (Learn about video best practices and ideas now!) All of this will help them to feel comfortable, giving them confidence with your practice before they even walk in the door. You can also ease the patient’s path to the office by offering a link to directions, and remind them of any instructions. 

Day Two:

Between the first visit and the doctor’s report of findings, you can keep confidence levels high by automatically delivering a patient success story or testimonial video. You can also ask for a star-rating to find out how you did, which will give you the opportunity to respond if anything went wrong or remind them of the great experience they had if all went well. This also puts you on the path to optimizing your online reputation. Learn more about how to use star-ratings to promote your practice. 

These three secrets to good communication will help you convert new patients to your care. And Zingit makes it easy to implement all three! Learn more about Zingit, which is built on best practices and will help you take prospectives from potential to patients who are a part of your practice. 

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